Pupdates: October 2022

To help alleviate kennel space at our onsite locations, we are having a free adoption special this week for onsite dogs and puppies. Please help spread the word to friends and family looking to adopt and encourage them to adopt don’t shop!

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Pupdates: September 2022

August was yet another busy month, and things aren’t slowing down in September! Save the date for our largest fundraiser of the year, Big Give, which takes place September 22 – September 23. Be sure to watch our impactful Big Give video made by our loyal friend, Carlos.

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Pupdates: August 2022

Summer months are usually a challenging time for nonprofit fundraising. The number of animals in our care remains the same during the summer; however, this time is typically seen as an “off season”. This July, we launched our first Hello Summer Pet Photo Contest to help us fill the gap this summer.

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Pupdates: July 2022

As you have seen, there have unfortunately been MANY Code Reds in the last few weeks. SAPA! defines Code Red when 25 or more dogs and puppies are being released by San Antonio Animal Care Services for possible euthanasia due to lack of space. As a supporter of our organization, we believe it is important to inform you of the current situation in our city. Innocent puppies are being placed on this list in addition to healthy, adoptable dogs. Since the last week in June, we pulled eleven moms and their puppies into our care. They are staying at our Building One Rescue Center and Medical Care Center, which is not the ideal environment for these moms and small pups with weak immune systems. We hope to find fosters soon for these families.

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Pupdates: June 2022

Dear Lifesaving Friends,

This HOT weather has been absolutely relentless, not only in temperature but from the continuous stream of unwanted kittens and puppies being born in and around our community. I wrote an "I’m Scared" blog back in April about the number of puppies entering the municipal shelter, and it remains to be the same situation...two months later. My team is doing everything in its power to give these animals a fighting chance but there are many obstacles this year.

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