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Hello Rescue Partners! We welcome other 501c3 rescues to Partner with us to save lives from the city shelter. 

What we provide for our partners:

If you partner with SAPA! to save animals on the euthanasia list we do provide the following and there is no pull fee:

  • HW test on dogs 6 months or older – Exception: dogs that are fractious may not be tested to avoid any risk of injuries to SAPA! Staff. 
  •  Observed temperament and basic medical information – Diagnostic abilities are limited at SAPA!/ACS. Medical treatments are limited to basic triage until rescue can take to your private veterinarian for a more thorough evaluation.
  •  Microchip – Paperwork for chip registration will be sent with pick-up, bundled with other hard-copy paperwork. Exception: Dogs that are fractious may not be microchipped to avoid any risk of injuries to SAPA! staff.
  • Vaccinations (BORD\ADEN\PAR\DHPP\RABIES) – Vaccines given are age-appropriate, boosters etc., must be continued at your private vet.
  •  Preventatives are brought current (flea/tick/heartworm/de-wormer) – You may follow up with your private vet for continuation of HW preventative and de-worming. Exception: SAPA! staff may not be able to safely administer these preventatives, they may be sent with the pick-up for rescue to administer. 
  • Spay/Neuter – Exceptions: if the dog is denied surgery by the shelter veterinarian due to, space limitations, illness, age or physical condition, then dog may leave with a surgery waiver and you may have altered at your private vet, you may also schedule surgery at ACS/151 as space is available. 

How To Apply: 

1) Please have the Rescue Director complete the application though the Hello Sign link:

2) Then please email the following documents to :

  • Your IRS 501c3 approval letter (or Canadian Charity Registry Documents)
  • A vet letter of reference
  • Your adoption and foster contract/applications.
  • Most recent finanicals

3) Once your app is complete and we have all your documents we will review your application and let you know via email if you are a new approved partner.  

View Urgent Shelter Pets Here: 

Animals that are available for Rescue Partners can be found on our Facebook Page, in the album,  Today's Urgent Dogs @ The 151/ACS Campus In San Antonio, TX!

Released animals are posted in our Facebook “SOS! Album” as the city Shelter Releases animals, SOS! ALBUM! This can be between 10:00-11:00am & 5pm M-F. Then 9:30-10:30 am & 3 pm Sat.

Tagging Animals

If you see any urgent animals you would like to help, or have any questions regarding rescue partnership, please email with the ID and name of the animal you are interested in! 


View our Rescue Partner Policies and Contract


Rescue Partner Resources

  • Determining credibility for your rescue partners (Appendix A)
  • FAQ link, pick-up directions, helpful SAPA! contacts (Appendix B)
  • Finding urgent pets on Facebook (Appendix C)
  • Health Certs, Boarding and Vet resources (Appendix D)


  • Animal Inquiries
  • Copies of paperwork
  • Questions Regarding Current or Previous Pulls
  • Proofs of Spay & Neuters for Animals That Left with Surgery Waivers
  • Reporting Distemper Cases

  • Scheduling spay/neuters to be done at ACS/151


This FAQ applies to the placement department, the SAPA Urgent & Adoptables Facebook page and the placement of urgent animals through SAPA! at the city municipal shelter.

Who is SAPA! and what is their role with urgent animals?

We at San Antonio Pets Alive! are a no-kill rescue that helps find placement for the animals at risk of euthanasia at the city shelter, Animal Care Services!

We have a special partnership with the shelter that we can process adoptions directly for urgent animals in their care as well as animals that we have already saved, and we also have our own foster system, and we partner with other rescues so they can pull urgent pets directly through us!

SAPA! has a contract with the city to pull dogs, what does that mean?

SAPA! is contracted with the city to save animals and we have a special partnership with the City Shelter, Animal Care Services (ACS) where we have building 1 onsite that we run at the shelter campus to hold released animals and give more time for placement. 

SAPA! is not the only high-volume rescue partner, the city shelter has many rescue partners like SAPA! who have contracts to pull a certain amount of animals per year.

Over the last few years, we have exceeded our contracted numbers, pulled well over what the city expects us to pull. Multiple SAPA! teams work together and are committed- 7 days a week, and onsite 7 days a week to help place the most at risk animals at the shelter. We also work very hard to place cats, all neo-natal kittens and puppies, in addition to distemper pups and parvo pups that come into ACS, in addition to dogs on the euthanasia list.

Where does SAPA! Market the dogs at risk of euthanasia?

SAPA! markets all dogs once they reach the euthanasia list on our SAPA Urgents & Adoptables Facebook Page. Each dog gets a photo, in the description we have the dog’s general details, the deadline showing if the dog is in ACS kennels or in SAPA Transition Kennels, and the appropriate organization’s email to reach out to if you are interested in adopting, fostering or rescuing.

 Where are the urgent dogs located?

All the urgent dogs are located at the Rescue Center in SAPA! Building 1 on the 151/ACS campus. 

Address: 4710 Highway 151, San Antonio, Texas 78227 

Click here for Hours: 

How to get more info on an urgent dog?

Email is the fastest way to contact us! Send an email with the dogs AID number to We are monitoring these emails all day during hours of operation and answer emails very quickly.

How Can I adopt?

To adopt please come onsite for a meet and greet with the dog you are interested in please bring your dogs, and family members including children to make sure the new dog will fit in with your family! Bring an ID with your current address, lease, or a utility bill with your name for proof of address. Your pets must be up to date on vaccinations & a meet and greet with your dog may be required to approve your application. 

You can pre-emptively complete the application online if you wish: 

What Are the Adoption Fees?

URGENT DOGS: $25 for heart worm negative dogs & puppies under 6 months, $85 for heart worm positive dogs. Urgent Animals can be found on our Facebook Page, in the album,  Today's Urgent Dogs @ The 151/ACS Campus In San Antonio, TX!

SAPA! ANIMALS: Dogs & Cats that are already in SAPA! custody are on our website . Some will be available at the 151 Rescue Center (SAPA! Building 1), tran kennels. Others might be in Foster care, our Marbach Clinic or Petco Adoption Center. 

  • Puppies 8 months & under: $175.
  • Dogs 9 months & over: $85 (includes HW+ dogs).
  • Cats: $75 & Kittens: $100.

**Some Animals have special adoption fees, i.e. Ambassador dogs & Special Breeds** 

Fee includes: the neuter/spay surgery, a microchip, being brought up to date on vaccinations and preventatives. (For heart worm positive dogs, heart worm treatment is included in your fee. Treatment is done at our local SAPA Clinic only).

Can I adopt out of state?

You must be local to adopt, we require adopters to meet the dogs in person with their dogs and fill out an application to make sure the dog will fit in with your family. Out of state adopters can adopt through an approved rescue organization willing to pull the dog from the shelter to the adopter, the rescue must contact us directly and coordinate.

 Does it cost to Foster? How to sign up?

It is free to foster, but you must fill out an application and be in the local area. We have two types of fostering:

  • Long-term fostering: until the dog is adopted, SAPA! provides medical care and marketing support and adoption events to help you find your foster pets homes. Read more about Fostering w/ SAPA HERE
  • Short-term fostering: Temp fostering for SAPA! Approved Transport dogs, we do monthly transport and the temp foster period is 4 weeks at the most!

Foster Applications:



Email  If you are interested in meeting any of the urgent animals or animals at our 151/ACS location. Or for questions about fostering.

What are the Tran/Transition kennels at the Rescue Center in SAPA! Building 1?

SAPA has a contract with the city, where we have SAPA building 1, our Rescue Center on the 151/ACS location, these 25 kennels are the TRANSITION kennels, where SAPA takes care of euthanasia list dogs that the City already slated for euthanasia. Tran dogs get more time to find placement and we do our best to market these dogs the most as our staff has direct interaction with them day in and day out. The dogs released from Tran kennels are still urgent dogs and still belong to the city and are not safe until they have confirmed placement.

How long do dogs at the City Shelter, Animal Care Services have before they are urgent?

Due to the overpopulation in the City of San Antonio, the city is constantly working to make space for the dogs coming in, whether it be from citizens owner surrendering their dogs, or from Animal control officers bringing in dogs that are strays/loose in the city. Dogs that are owner surrendered go on the euthanasia list as soon as they are surrendered. Dogs that come in as strays are checked for chips and held on a “stray hold” for 3 days to give the owners time to come and reclaim. Unfortunately, it is not feasible to hold every dog for a long time because there are limits on space and not enough fosters/adopters or resources to do so.

Why don’t we place the dog with anyone willing to take an urgent dog?

All the dogs we plea belong to the city shelter. We reserve the right to deny someone for any reason. We are just the secondary route to adopt, foster or rescue, these dogs are under Animal Care services and can be placed through them as well. Sometimes due to space or time constraints we have to encourage inquiring people to go through ACS, we are two entities that have the same goal, save pets in San Antonio. SAPA!’s goal is to place animals responsibly into adoptive and foster homes and with Rescue Partner Organizations.

What determines which dogs go to euthanasia at Animal Care Services (ACS)?

Every day the city shelter, ACS posts a list of animals that are most at risk of euthanasia for the next day:

SAPA! Also sends this list out to our rescue partners. 

Every morning & evening (10:00-11:00am & 5pm M-F. Then 9:30-10:30 am & 3 pm Sat.- There is no Euthanasia on Sundays) Animal Care Services determines what dogs are released to euthanasia as their space dictates & sends SAPA! a list of the animals that they need to release to euthanasia. 

We, SAPA! will then start our SOS! Plea Process: 

  • We internally view the release list and determine animals we can pull with the given available space.
  • We move released Animals from the urgent album to the SOS! ALBUM! 
  • We send out an urgent SOS! Plea email to our rescue partners which has the link to the SOS! Album and the Names & IDs of the released animals. 
  • We pull released dogs that we have space for in the SAPA operated Tran kennels. 

Does SAPA! know who will be released from the List of Urgent animals for the following day?

We don’t know who will be released ahead of time, ALL dogs on the euthanasia list are at risk. Dogs in Tran kennels get released as space is needed to give the newer released dogs more time, they still belong to the city shelter. We post the Tran dogs most at risk of release on our page as the Last Chance Urgent Dogs.

**ACS can release any of the urgent dogs at any-time during the day. There have been occasions where dogs are released for behavior, medical suffering, or other reasons throughout the day**


The urgent page was created for us to positively market the animals at the city shelter who are at risk of euthanasia. 

We have an urgent album that has ALL urgent dogs in need of placement, new urgent pets are added every night to the album: Today's Urgent Dogs @ The 151/ACS Campus In San Antonio, TX!

We also have a Safe Album for each month, as pets are saved from the urgent list they get moved to the safe albums. 

We do not have a memorial album and pets that do get euthanized by the city shelter are deleted from the page/album. 

Why are some people blocked from commenting on our SAPA! Urgent Facebook Page?

The SAPA! Urgent’s and Adoptable’s Facebook page was created for positive marketing of urgent animals. It is meant for sharing, videos, extra photos, pledging, and for rescues to reach out for fosters etc. 

Anyone who is bullying, making negative comments, spamming photos or gifs, photos of dead animals or threats will lose the ability to comment. Those who are blocked from commenting can still share and network the urgent pets directly from our page even if they are blocked from commenting.

If you would like to discuss the reason why you are blocked, you can email to discuss with the placement manager. 


Is there a specific order to the Urgent Album?

Our album is organized in a certain order:

  • TOP: SAPA TRAN DOGS- these dogs have already been written off for euth by the city shelter and we have taken them into the Tran kennels to give them more time to find placement. Without getting these dogs moved out we cannot pull other dogs released by the shelter.
  • BOTTOM: ACS KENNEL DOGS- ACS kennel dogs on the euthanasia list that can be released by the shelter at any time they determine they need space.

Why aren’t all dogs at Animal Care Services posted in the Urgent Album?

SAPA! only markets the dogs once they hit the euthanasia list, since animals cannot be placed while they are on their 3 day stray hold, in ACS foster care, or are under an investigation. You can visit the ACS website to view their reports of all animals at the city shelter. 

What are pledges?

You might notice people in the comment sections asking for pledges. Pledges are a donation pledge, toward the dog’s care that you will pay if a rescue takes the animal.

SAPA! does not collect pledges for any of the rescue partners. Once an animal has left the building we will update the thread & comments with a header/comment 

“**SAVED by a SAPA APPROVED RESCUE PARTNER!** This pet is not in SAPA Care. The Tagging Rescue Partner can now collect pledges or post their donation link.” 

At this time the rescue that pulled the animal can post their donation link or private message the pledgers to collect those donations.

If an animal is pulled by SAPA! to another location or by a SAPA! foster we will also post our donation link when the dog has left!

Thank you so much to those who pledge, no amount is too small!

Why are pledges important?

Pledges are extremely helpful to rescues to help cover the costs of the dog’s basic needs, medical, boarding or transport. Many of our Rescue Partners are out of state so they incur many costs to pull dogs and get them ready for transport.

Many of the animals that come into the shelter have medical needs, vetting, injuries or possible HW disease. Pledges can help attract rescues to pull these animals who need the most help.

Rescues should NOT rely on pledges in order save an animal. 

How do you know which dogs in the album are safe and which are still urgent?

All dogs that are in the album: Today's Urgent Dogs @ The 151/ACS Campus In San Antonio, TX! are urgent. As dogs become safe we give them one of the following headers and post it in the comments, finally that dogs thread is moved to that month’s SAFE ALBUM. the album “Today's Urgent Dogs @ The 151/ACS Campus In San Antonio, TX!” is the ONLY album where we post the current dogs that are at risk, or available for placement

(placement = adoption/rescue/foster)



What is an ACS confirmed hold or “confirmed placement hold” & what does ACS placement mean?

A confirmed placement hold means that ACS is in the process of placing a dog, (adoption, foster, or rescue) they are safe. If you have questions about a dog with a CH (confirmed hold) you will need to contact ACS. If the hold drops we will add them back to the Urgents & Adoptables page. We regularly check the holds to see if any dogs get dropped and move them back to the urgent album.

ACS placement means dog has immediately left the building.

For dogs placed we are not allowed to release any information on who took the dog. Rescues will often post on the threads of the dogs they take in order to collect pledges. We will not be able to tell you where a dog went if it was placed by ACS, you will have to reach out to ACS for any information.


We have rescue partners all over the united states and some in Canada. We only partner with 501c3 rescues and screen them before they can pull from us. When our partner pulls a dog, we will post this on the dog’s thread so networkers know that the dog has left the building and pledges can then be collected by the rescue. SAPA does not get involved in pledge collection.

Why do you get re-directed to the main page when you click a dog’s link?

When sharing an individual dog's thread link or clicking a link that has been shared, while on mobile it might direct you to the SAPA Urgents & Adoptables main page, not the dog's individual thread. You might have to click the link from a desktop or desktop mode for it to take you directly to the dog’s thread. NOTE: This is not something that we can control this is a Facebook issue.

To access the Albums, (desktop)

  1. start on our main page.
  2. look to the left of the page at the “menu”
  3. click photos
  4. click albums
  5. click "Today's Urgent Dogs @ The 151/ACS Campus In San Antonio, TX!"


  1. start on our main page.
  2. look top of the page, below our banner and page name, you should see a band of options, “home”, “posts”, “about”, “photos“
  3. click photos
  4. at the top you will see some of the albums
  5. click "Today's Urgent Dogs @ The 151/ACS Campus In San Antonio, TX!"

Why do some dogs in the urgent album have bad photos?

SAPA markets the dogs that are available for placement from the City's euthanasia list. We download the photos that ACS has for the dogs from We agree that better photos help the dogs find placement faster, as soon as we pull dogs from ACS kennels to Tran kennels we get better photos of them and change them out on FB. We don’t have the staffing to get new pictures of every dog on arrival, but we will get new pictures when they come to the SAPA operated Tran kennels. Please keep in mind that we HELP the city shelter market the dogs, they are not our dogs and we are dependent on their pictures as we market close to 100 dogs a day.

Why can’t we pull all released dogs to Tran kennels?

We are allowed 25 kennels in SAPA building 1 to give dogs on the euthanasia list more time. If we over fill our kennels, and violate the city standards we can loose our rights to pull any dogs during the city walk through. SAPA is also contracted with the city to pull a certain amount of dogs per year which we pride ourselves in exceeding those numbers yearly.

Why doesn’t SAPA have information on all dogs on the euthanasia list?

We are onsite to assist the city shelter, Animal Care Services in getting urgent dogs placed. There are often a couple hundred dogs at the shelter at any given time. Dogs that are in ACS kennels, we help plea them, with rescue interest we can have our staff collect info on them. We ask that any interested adopter come to the shelter immediately for a meet and greet. 

Once dogs are released they are moved from ACS kennels to the euthanasia room and it is too late to collect info and they must be pulled blindly. Once dogs come to Tran kennels, we always collect their HW, medial and temperament observations, so it is readily available to any inquiries. We do not have the staffing, time or resources to collect info on every single dog in ACS kennels every day. There are often over 100 dogs on the euthanasia list at any given time.

If you are interested in rescuing, adopting or fostering a dog on the Euthanasia list DO NOT WAIT to email for walk-in information. These dogs are at high risk of being released to euthanasia.

How Does SAPA choose which dogs we will pull to our other locations?

We are constantly in communication with the Managers at all of our locations and as soon as space opens up at one of our locations we rotate in dogs from the euthanasia list who then become safe SAPA! dogs. We never leave a kennel empty we fill them immediately. Who is chosen depends on several factors, the size of the available open space, medical conditions, time, temperament, vaccinations, etc. The onsite supervisor/Live Release Manager makes the ultimate decision, who must plan to move around dogs and current animals to make the most space for the next day’s walk through with the city shelter.

Why are dogs added and released to euthanasia in such a short time frame?

SAPA only markets the dogs once they have reached the city's euthanasia list, dogs have been available for placement & marketed through ACS before they have been posted on the urgent's page. Those who are not on the urgent list yet and not available through SAPA yet, are available and marketed through ACS


We are automatically deleting and blocking comments that are negative in nature, or things that we do not allow to be posted on our page. This is not personal, we just need to ensure that the threads remain positive and information that is not meant to be public is not posted on our page. We appreciate positive networking and sharing the urgent dogs from our page.

Please read below for rules on posting on the Urgent page:

The SAPA! Urgents & Adoptables FB Page is SOLEY meant to sharepledgetag rescues and POSITIVELY network dogs that are on the euthanasia list.

Comments on SAPA! threads that are deleted and can result in the inability to post are as follows:

  • Any negative comments, that are not encouraging the placement of the urgent dogs. 
  • Comments that have words kill, die, murder, slaughter, throw away, etc.
  • Rants/attacks on owners & cursing; POS owners, Dumped, "left to die". We know that this is sad to see, usually, the description will say if the dog was owner surrendered and that is enough. Comments like this fuel more negativity which doesn't help the dogs.   
  • Repeating negative comments will result in the inability to comment on the threads. While these dogs are at risk of euthanasia such comments often rally more negativity and do not help these dogs get placed. Comments like this are discouraging to the staff who work hard to get these dogs placement.
  • Negative comments toward SAPA! or Animal Care Services. Both organizations are trying to get dogs placed and have to work endlessly against the high rates of overpopulation, with people surrendering and dogs coming in from animal control.
  • Spamming photos/Gifs as they clog up the threads. 
  • Photos of dead animals or images indicating dead animals.
  • Threats of any kind.
  • Repeatedly posting the status of Animals.- SAPA! Will update the posts for animals who are no longer urgent or Safe, the public should not be posting status updates as you do not have access to the same information that we do, and your posts may confuse the public or be incorrect.
  • ACS MEDICAL NOTES, MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS, NEGATIVE TEMPERAMENT INFORMATION. - The reason being that anyone interested in an animal should and will email us directly where we will share the information we have. ACS medical is private and should not be shared publicly. There are many reasons why we don’t allow that, or other details about animals on the page since they stir up issues, miscommunication, and negativity.  Having people email for more information allows us to have conversations directly with the inquirer to help them determine if the animal is right for them and answer questions if there are medical issues or less desirable behaviors. This prevents animals from being labeled and skipped over. This also prevents people from taking information out of context and creating negativity on our page or through emails. 

San Antonio Pets Alive! is not the city municipal shelter! We at San Antonio Pets Alive! are a no-kill rescue that helps find placement for the animals at risk of euthanasia at the city shelter, Animal Care Services (ACS)!

We have a special partnership with the shelter that we can process adoptions directly for urgent animals in their care as well as animals that we have already saved, and we also have our own foster system, and we partner with other rescues so they can pull urgent pets directly through us! 

SAPA! has the ability to turn off commenting on our Urgent's page altogether, but we choose to allow people to post for positive marketing, the sharing of videos, pledging, and for rescue partners to engage with possible fosters and collect pledges.