Pupdates: January 2023

I hope the new year is treating you well! Here at SAPA!, we haven’t skipped a beat going into 2023. Time continues to fly as our lifesaving work continues.

So far this month:
-We have saved 224 lives
-Finalized 193 adoptions
-Moved 179 animals into foster care
-Taken in 15 animals from the public through our owner surrender program
-Transferred out 26 pups to our rescue partners

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Pupdates: December 2022

The end of every year is a perfect occasion for gratitude and reflection; a time to look forward to a more hopeful and promising future. This past year, however, has put a mark on my heart that will be a hard one to get over. The uptick in code reds, terrified owner surrendered pets, starving and injured strays, neglected moms with babies, and rescues around the country lacking adequate space to take in some of the many thousands of vulnerable animals has been very trying on myself and my team. While I am BEYOND grateful for all of you, who continue to stand beside us with the dogs and cats most at risk of being killed, I can’t help but feel a deep sense of sadness for all the precious lives lost.

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Pupdates: November 2022

One of our wonderful donors, Michelle, recently sponsored a kennel for her friend's father who passed away. Dana was extremely touched by this gift in memory of her father, and she visited our clinic back in September with her family. They met Shiloh who was staying in the sponsored kennel at the time. Dana wanted to pay it forward and help this sweet boy. They sponsored his adoption fee in addition to another beautiful pup in our care, Mandy.

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Pupdates: October 2022

To help alleviate kennel space at our onsite locations, we are having a free adoption special this week for onsite dogs and puppies. Please help spread the word to friends and family looking to adopt and encourage them to adopt don’t shop!

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Pupdates: September 2022

August was yet another busy month, and things aren’t slowing down in September! Save the date for our largest fundraiser of the year, Big Give, which takes place September 22 – September 23. Be sure to watch our impactful Big Give video made by our loyal friend, Carlos.

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