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Monthly Giving

The monthly support of our Constant Companions enables San Antonio Pets Alive! to save the most vulnerable dogs and cats in our community. Each gift, no matter the level, sustains our lifesaving mission and gives a positive future to thousands of dogs and cats in our care.

At San Antonio Pets Alive!, we save the lives of approximately 5,000 homeless dogs and cats every year. We never know what each month will bring in terms of the number of animals that depend on us and the medical needs associated. Constant Companions allow us to keep all our critical programs intact, plan, and save the dogs and cats most at risk of being killed.

It’s also a convenient way to make a difference, spreading your donations out during the year. Your monthly gifts protect us during times of uncertainty or emergency, allowing us to stand ready to help animals in need. Avoid the hassle of re-entering your details every time you donate and give in a sustainable way.

Giving monthly makes it possible for San Antonio Pets Alive! to stand ready to help dogs and cats, regardless of their age, breed, or background. For just the cost of a cup of coffee a week, you can save the lives of at-risk kittens, puppies, cats, and dogs.

Does my monthly gift really make a difference?

Absolutely! Monthly gifts allow us to strategize where your money can be most effective and expand our lifesaving programs. Here are some of the ways YOU can make an impact:

  • $250 a month 
    ($3,000 a year) provides the necessary medicines to save six parvo puppies.
  • $100 a month
    ($1,200 a year) provides heartworm treatment for five dogs.
  • $50 a month
    ($600 a year) provides six dogs or cats with a total medical care package, which includes an alteration surgery, vaccines, and preventatives.
  • $20 a month
    ($250 a year) spays/neuters seven dogs and cats each month. 

How Does It Work?

Being a Constant Companion is an easy and convenient way to support San Antonio Pets Alive!’s lifesaving mission. These compassionate gifts change the lives of hundreds of animals every month. By setting up an automatic monthly gift from your credit card, you will be a part of the Constant Companions Circle, regardless of the size of your monthly gift.