Pupdates: March 2024

What we are learning about the state of dogs and cats that enter the shelter system isn’t good news. Key findings show that dog adoptions are much slower than cat adoptions nationally and it’s the first-time cat adoptions outpaced dog adoptions since 2006. Here’s the link to the Shelter Animals Count data 2023 Statistics - Shelter Animals Count where animal populations and their outcomes are reported to the public. 

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Pupdates: September 2023

As the end of the year approaches, San Antonio Pets Alive!'s (SAPA!) lifesaving team is working tirelessly to achieve our ambitious goal of saving 1,000 animals before September comes to a close. We're pulling out all the stops, and one of our key initiatives is an adoption special aimed at helping potential pet parents fall in love with a rescue pet.

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Pupdates: August 2023

San Antonio Pets Alive!'s determination to save the lives of at-risk dogs and cats remains unshaken, even under current challenging circumstances. Soaring costs have certainly added a hurdle to our work, but we continue to operate thanks to your support. 

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Pupdates: July 2023

Wow, oh wow! As if the challenges of saving lives weren't tough enough, SAPA! faced maintenance problems with the air conditioning (AC) in our Rescue Center earlier this month, prompting an emergency evacuation of all animals from the building to foster homes, or, our Medical Care and Adoption Center.

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Pupdates: June 2023

I ask that you help spread the word about San Antonio Pets Alive!. Please encourage everyone to foster, adopt, or donate! With your invaluable support and dedication, we can continue to save the lives of at-risk cats and dogs who desperately need our help!

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