Tips to a happy and safe Thanksgiving with pets

Thanksgiving is the time for family, friends and feasts–but these celebrations come with some possibly dangerous situations for your furry family member.  Follow these tips to keep your holiday full of thanks! Bones can be dangerous for your pet! Keep turkey with bones in it away from your…

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Halloween Safety Tips

One of the most rewarding things on Halloween may be to dress up and go trick-or-treating especially if you have children. Do you typically take your pets too or do they stay at home? On this fun-filled night, be sure to follow these five easy safety tips so that your pets are included in your…

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Lifesaving is Hard Work: A letter from our ED

Dear Fosters, I’m surrounded by San Antonio Pets Alive! lifesavers.  You all are caring and motivated doers who are on a lifesaving mission.  We work around the clock managing our careers, family responsibilities and caring for our own animals.  We then spend the rest of our time…

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6 Ways to Make Crate Training Easier

Crate training is an invaluable skill that can make life with your dog feel like a walk in the park. However, the process of crate training is not always as easy as anyone would like. Here are six ways to make crate training a little easier for you and your dog.

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4th of July Pet Safety Tips

  Did you know that more pets get lost on July 4th than any other day of the year? Fourth of July may be fun for the family, but it’s a stressful time for your furry friends. Here are our July 4th tops so you and your four-legged family members have a safe holiday! 1. Stay Indoors. Before the…

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