Lifesaving is Hard Work: A letter from our ED

August 2019

Dear Fosters,

I’m surrounded by San Antonio Pets Alive! lifesavers.  You all are caring and motivated doers who are on a lifesaving mission.  We work around the clock managing our careers, family responsibilities and caring for our own animals.  We then spend the rest of our time fostering animals, passing each other as we wait with our furry children in line for shots or wellness exams, walking dogs at the adoption centers, cleaning kennels at our clinic and comforting each other as we pour our hearts out on Facebook when our foster gets a loving family or, in some cases, when we face the heartbreak of a loss. width=

We are up half the night with kittens or puppies who need bottles, comfort, or assurance they are finally safe in our homes.  It’s all hard work and there’s a lot on our plates.

I see some of us moving a little slower than we did at the beginning of the year.  We are doers, we are lifesavers and we are tired.

The work we do at San Antonio Pets Alive! is hard!  We are taking the puppies nobody else wants—puppies sick with parvo.  We are taking the bottle baby kittens – the kittens that need 24-hour care.  We are taking the dogs and cats that all others have passed on. 

Fosters and volunteers are the backbone of our work.  We would not exist without you.  You are an invaluable and powerful force bringing our mission to life.  You are lifesavers!

It comforts me to know that our employees are not in this alone.  We have you right beside us, helping us work for the day that no kitten, puppy, dog or cat is killed due to lack of adopter, foster or rescue. width=

I sincerely thank you and appreciate you.   

This is my foster, Peggy, the day I picked her up from ACS, and this is Peggy today!  She reminds me why our work is so important.


We are making a difference!


Rebecca Mayberry

Executive Director, San Antonio Pets Alive!