Medical Chip-Ins

Urgent Spay and Neuter


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"Nationally, twice as many dogs did not leave shelters alive during the first three months of 2023 compared to the same period in 2021."

I’m reaching out to you with a heavy heart, sharing this challenge we are facing and seeking your urgent assistance to help some of the more than 800 dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens currently in our care.  

Support is needed more than ever, as San Antonio’s Animal Care Services is no longer considered a “no-kill” shelter, with a live release rate hovering below 80%. Given the last chance and high-volume nature of our organization, far more unaltered dogs and cats have been pulled into our care with EXTREME urgency in order to save their lives.  

Because this need is so great, it is vital for us to provide them with surgeries as quickly as possible and get them adopted into loving homes. With every adoption, we can then save another animal, or a mom with babies from being killed, by using that now opened kennel space.  

We rely on veterinary clinics and professionals across the city who have availability and the capacity to perform numerous surgeries. This outsourcing is currently necessary to meet the overwhelming demand in and around our city. 

Please give a gift of hope today. Spaying and neutering is so critical right now, and your support will enable us to continue rescuing animals from the brink of despair, offering them a pathway to a safe and loving future. 



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