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It’s days like today that hit us all really hard...

When more dogs are on the euthanasia list than we have room to save, but we must remain steadfast and continue to spread the word about our lifesaving efforts.

This month alone, SAPA! has rescued SIX mother pups and their babies from being killed (along with many other orphaned puppies and kittens).  

Darla and her three adorable chunky babies. Cassidy and her four vulnerable newborns. Sunshine and her seven innocent souls. Didi with her four...Jane and her three...and Dakota with her litter of six—33 lives in total—all given a second chance.

Their journey is far from over.

Each of these lucky pups requires extensive medical care to ensure their health and well-being. They need vaccinations, preventatives, and alteration surgeries to give them the best chance at a bright future. SAPA! is committed to providing them the care they deserve, and we need your help to do it.

By giving a gift today, and spreading the word, YOU become part of an incredible movement, shining a spotlight on these dogs and the many other needing help in their journey to find loving families.

Together, we turn these once heartbreaking situations into stories of hope and redemption. Thank you for being a beacon of compassion in these challenging times. Your support means the world to us and to the lives we are fighting to save.


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