Medical Chip-Ins

Tiny Trina Needed Triage - Thank you!

Our Goal: $991

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Trina is a timid, sweet, and loving three-year-old pup that our Executive Director started fostering back in October. She was extremely neglected, is still skittish with loud noises and new people, and is completely unfamiliar with dog beds and other known pet items.

Not long after Trina was pulled into our care, she had to be rushed to SAPA!'s Medical Care Center because she had developed a high fever and stopped eating. Alarmed and concerned, our medical team quickly tested her for Parvo Virus and Distemper. Thankfully, she tested negative for both.

Her fever would not go down with fluids, so she was put on medications for her fever.

Our medical team stimulated her appetite, but a day later, Trina had pale gums and was less active. In desperation, she was given a cell volume test which showed she was extremely anemic. 

Trina was transferred to a veterinary practice where she received fluids and overnight care. The vet discovered that Trina had a tick-born disease and was ill due to the large amount of blood loss from a flea and tick infestation. 

This sweet girl’s unexpected medical emergency trip totaled $991. Will you please help Trina by making a gift to cover her medical expenses? Trina is recovering well, has learned sit and shake and sleeps on a pillow every night. We are happy to report she has been matched with a wonderful adopter!   


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