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Surviving Orphaned Puppies from Tragic Accident - Thank you!!

Our Goal: $2,520

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Update: 2/14/23
Sadly, we have lost all but one of these fragile babies. Italy, the little black and white male is doing well with his foster mom, and we will continue to keep you updated as he progresses and becomes available for adoption. 

Update: 1/20/23: 

Two-Week Update on Orphaned Puppies*

It's been more than two weeks since we took in a litter of five-day-old puppies injured by a commercial lawn mower and tragically resulting in the death of their mom.

Spain, Italy, and France had to receive amputations on one of their legs last week due to their severe injuries from the lawn mower. Spain and Italy had to go back under anesthesia due to complications from their amputations. Sadly and upsettingly, France succumbed to his injuries and passed away earlier this week. ????????

We found out today that Spain and Italy's culture came back with mrsa and will need two different antibiotics multiple times a day. Despite these hurdles that are thrown at them, Spain and Italy are continuing to grow and stay strong.

Brussels and Madrid are also continuing to thrive and grow. They are becoming more curious with their surroundings as they squirm and move.

Thank you for continuing to send well wishes to these sweet little pups. We are grateful for your thoughts, prayers, and gifts to help care for them.

Update 1/10/23: We are touched by the generosity of our animal-loving friends to help the five surviving puppies from the tragic lawnmower incident. Brussels, Madrid, Spain, Italy, and France continue to be little fighters!

The three injured pups, Spain, Italy, and France, each suffered severe injuries to one of their paws from a commercial lawnmower last week. Though they remained stable after their injuries, it was apparent that they were growing too fast for their skin to sufficiently heal over their bones, and they were quickly seen by a veterinarian. Due to the extent of the injuries and resulting loss of skin on their growing limbs, the veterinarian determined that each puppy would need an amputation of one of their limbs so that the skin could be closed around the bone and would not cause future issues.

The veterinarian was able to successfully perform the amputation surgeries last night, and Spain, Italy, and France did very well during their post-operative recovery. The three were picked up this morning by their fabulous foster, China, who is a former nurse and specializes in caring for our pups with medical cases.

The cost of their completed amputation surgeries is $2,520.


Three days into the New Year, a litter of five-day-old puppies were in desperate need of our help. The puppies and their mom were sheltering from the elements in a wooded area in San Antonio. A commercial lawn mower was cutting the area that morning and tragically hit them. The brave momma dog died at the scene, and five of the nine puppies incurred lacerations and degloved paws from the mower. 

The fragile orphaned puppies arrived at the city shelter, hungry, cold, and hurt. One sadly died shortly after arriving to ACS. Thankfully, three of our amazing fosters stepped right in to help this litter - Jen transported the five injured pups to our foster China, and foster Peggy came to care for two other pups.    Upsettingly, two of the five wounded puppies didn't make it. The other five are being fed every few hours by our fosters and are doing well despite this awful ordeal. They are receiving an abundance of love and care as they fight through their cuts and the tragedy of losing their mom.     

 The babies are currently taking medications based on their injuries and will visit our Medical Care Center frequently to get their needed vaccinations and medications. With their puppy formula, medications, vaccines, and medical care – we anticipate the cost of their care to be at least $750.    Please make a New Year’s gift to support these fragile pups and help them have a fighting chance. Your gift and support make our lifesaving work possible, and we are extremely grateful for you. 

These first five days of the New Year, we have saved 57 lives thanks to our incredible animal-loving friends! 


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