Medical Chip-Ins

Sugarplum's FHO - Thank you!

Our Goal: $755

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Sweet Sugarplum was on the urgent list a month ago on September 8 and came into our care with a leg injury. 

At only three months old, Sugarplum was surrendered by the only family she knew to the City of San Antonio Municipal Shelter. Thankfully, Michelle stepped up to foster Sugarplum and instantly fell in love with this independent, confident, and tenacious puppy. 

Michelle said, "Sugarplum is a bundle of joy! You would never think anything is wrong with her." Sadly, Sugarplum's x-rays show otherwise. This strong puppy has been enduring an extremely painful leg injury. Now Sugarplum must undergo surgery and get a femoral head ostectomy to restore the mobility in her damaged hip and leg. The cost of this surgery is estimated to be $755.  

Please help us cover Sugarplum’s surgery by making a gift today. As always, thank you for standing alongside us and being there for our cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies – the ones in our city that need us the most. We’re extremely grateful for you – we couldn’t do this work without you!

*Any remaining funds we receive after covering the medical expenses for Sugarplum will go towards medical costs for other dogs and cats in our care. 


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