Medical Chip-Ins

Salt and Vinegar need your help - Thank you!

Our Goal: $1,000 (Goal Reached!)

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Here at SAPA! we take in the animals often overlooked by other rescues and adopters. In fact, most of our pets were saved from being killed at the City Shelter - Salt and Vinegar are no exception. Late last month, we pulled this frail duo into our care, knowing that we could help them.

Salt and Vinegar were severely underweight, dehydrated, and had serious upper respiratory infections, in addition to severe eye infections. They stayed in our Medical Care Center where our team could monitor them, provide daily medications, and help with their meager appetites. 

After a couple of weeks, these little beauties perked up and were healthy enough to go to a foster home, where they continue to gain weight and get the love and care they need. Salt and Vinegar are on the road to recovery and almost ready for their spay/neuter and enucleation surgeries.  

Their foster says; “While they are both the perfect mix of spicy and sweet, Salt is more of a love bug and Vinegar is a bit more independent and definitely the instigator of the two! They are doing wonderfully and keep the house lively with their antics and adventures.” 

Each kitten will need an eye removed and the cost of their medication, surgeries and aftercare is expected to be approximately $1,000

So many dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens, would not get a second chance at life if it weren’t for our wonderful supporters, and our amazing foster volunteers who provide them with care, love, and the medical attention they need to survive.  

Please consider making a gift today to help these kittens on their journey to recovery. Any gift, big or small, makes a great impact and helps to change lives.

*Any remaining funds we receive after covering the cost of Salt and Vinegar, will go toward the thousands of dogs and cats we save each year.


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