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Poor Mandy - Leg Injuries and Megaesophagus- Thank you!!

Our Goal: $1,600

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Update 1/23/22: Mandy's first day getting used to her chair!

Poor Mandy… this injured, and lanky pup was rescued from the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services in mid- September by San Antonio Pets Alive!'s (SAPA!) lifesaving team.  

Mandy came into our care on with a severe tibial fracture on her left leg and partial ligament/tendon rupture on her right leg. Mandy was seen by a vet, and this brave yet timid girl begin to receive her much needed medical treatments. 

Because of her leg injuries, Mandy was put into splints on both legs while they healed. Our medical team took extra care of this sweet girl, carefully changing out her bandage every two weeks until she had healed from her injuries. During this time, Mandy was staying in a foster home and was enjoying herself. Unfortunately, while Mandy was recovering from her leg injury, her fosters noticed that she was losing weight and couldn’t keep food down. Mandy was vomiting upwards of 15 times a day!

A bariatric study was performed and Mandy was diagnosed with megaesophagus. Megaesophagus is a condition in which the esophagus (the tube that carries food and liquid between the mouth and stomach) dilates, loses motility, and its ability to move food into the stomach. Her food was adjusted, and her fosters began feeding her gruel and sitting her up during meals. This reduced the vomiting but didn’t stop it.

Today, Mandy has recovered from her leg injuries but still has mobility issues. She is also on medication to help with her condition, and will need a special chair, called a Bailey Chair that will allow her to sit up during her meals. Mandy's total cost of care, medications, and chair is more than $1,600. Please consider making a gift to help Mandy. Despite all that Mandy has gone through, she continues to be a sweet girl who loves to play with other dogs and puppies. She enjoys curling up on the bed with her foster parents and stealing their socks when they aren’t looking.



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