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Poor Floyd

Our Goal: $3,733

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Floyd is a seven-month-old puppy who was recently placed on the municipal shelter's euthanasia list. Floyd's records indicate that he suffered from trauma, possibly from being hit by a car. As a result, Floyd had difficulty standing, could not bear his own weight, and was in great amounts of pain when he came into our care.

Thanks to the efforts of our team and the caring foster family who took Floyd in, he was able to receive the medical care he needed. X-rays confirmed that Floyd's hip was broken, and the vet determined that a femoral head osteotomy (FHO) surgery was the best option for Floyd. A FHO surgery is a salvage procedure designed to eliminate further pain from the damaged hip joint and will help Floyd live a normal life. 

Floyd received his surgery last Wednesday. He is still in recovery but is making improvements each day. His foster family said he is also starting to put weight on his leg.

Floyd's surgery and care cost $3,733. Please make a gift today to help cover this sweet boy's surgery. Don't forget about our March Matching Medical Campaign where your gift will double the impact for Floyd and another animal in need! All gifts are doubled thanks to one of our animal-loving friends!

With the number of animals entering the city shelter, funding for critical medical care is always greatly needed. Because of you, we can keep saving more animals each week who are deserving to have a full and healthy life. 


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