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Penny needs some Pals

Our Goal: $2,000

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Today we wanted to share the story of a very precious puppy named Penny. Penny is a three-month-old happy, energetic, and confident pup currently in foster care. She is both affectionate and playful and has captured the hearts of everyone.

 At a glance, Penny looks like a healthy puppy, but unfortunately, Penny has been struggling with a painful fractured femoral neck with ventral displacement that is causing her significant pain. Her veterinarian has recommended a Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO), which will restore pain-free mobility to her hip and allow her to enjoy a happy and healthy life!

 Penny's surgery will cost $2,000. We need your help raising the funds needed to get Penny the care she urgently needs. Penny is currently taking pain medication twice a day to relieve the pain she is in. Every little bit helps, and any gift you can make, no matter how small, will make a huge difference in Penny's life. Together, we can ensure that Penny receives the care she deserves.

After her surgery, Penny will be available for adoption! She is a sweet puppy who will make a great pet to anyone lucky enough to adopt her. Thank you for considering supporting Penny. 


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