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Pacifica's Painful Past - Thank you!!

Our Goal: $3,000

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Update: 6/26/23 She just had eight healthy little babies, and two look just like her!

On June 2nd, Pacifica came under our care after a heart-wrenching incident that I can't get off my mind. She was thrown from a car onto the highway, almost falling over the overpass. Pacifica’s entire back left side is completely burned off as a result of her 8-pound body hitting the hot asphalt while tossed out of a vehicle.

Our dedicated lifesaving team made sure she was brought into our care and sprung into action, transporting Pacifica to our Medical Care Center to assess her injuries. Despite the trauma she endured, Pacifica remained in good spirits. Thankfully, her injuries appear to be superficial. We also discovered that Pacifica is pregnant and will be giving birth any day now!

The anticipated cost of caring for Pacifica and her soon-to-arrive babies is estimated to exceed $3,000. We are reaching out to you for help in preparing for the arrival of this entire family now in our care. We will be providing them with necessary spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, supplies, and veterinary care.

Pacifica is in a loving foster home with an experienced neonatal foster, who will provide her with the care and love she deserves during this critical time. It is the least we can do for Pacifica, considering all the challenges she has already faced. Please consider making a gift towards this family's care. Together, we can make a significant difference in their lives.


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