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Oliver needs cataract surgery - Thank you - Ollie can see!!

Our Goal: $3,300

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Update 2/21/23:

Ollie was officially adopted <3 

Update 1/20/23: 

Ollie went to South Texas Veterinary Ophthalmology for a consultation. The veterinarian said that his right eye is inoperable due to a detached retina. However, they are able to perform cataract surgery on his left eye. This is estimated to cost $3,300 and includes the procedure, hospitalization, and three months of rechecks.

ACS had Ollie listed as seven years old, but the vet believes he is five years old. Cataract surgery will allow him to see better and prevent him from getting glaucoma as he hopefully has many years ahead of him.    

Will you please give the gift of sight to sweet Ollie boy and help cover the cost of his pricey surgery? Every dollar helps in providing this guy the life he deserves. Thank you for your support in Ollie and our other 600+ animals in our care. 


Ollie is a beautiful 18 lb male pup. The city shelter found him as a stray without a microchip and unaltered, and he was left unclaimed by his owner. Ollie was placed on the city shelter’s euthanasia list earlier last week and saved by our Executive Director, Rebecca.

This sweet yet shy boy is estimated to be around seven years old. Ollie has endured a lot of pain and neglect as he has wounds on his back left leg which looks like bite marks and is tender on his right side. In addition, he has cataracts in both of his eyes and can’t see too well. We are hoping we can raise enough funds for him to receive cataract surgery so he can see better and prevent him from getting glaucoma.

Please give the gift of sight, and help sweet Oliver to overcome all he's been through. 


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