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Moana's Trauma- Thank you!

Our Goal: $600

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I am reaching out to you today on behalf of Moana, a precious two-month-old, 19-pound puppy who was saved from euthanasia last week. Our Lifesaving team knew they had to save Moana because she had a severe wound around her neck that appeared to be significantly painful and urgently needed medical care. 

Thanks to the dedication and expertise of our team, Moana was transferred to SAPA!'s Medical Care Center, where our contracted veterinarian carefully evaluated her injuries. Thankfully, the vet determined that Moana's wound was not life-threatening, but still required extensive cleaning and monitoring to ensure that she fully healed! The cost of her care is $600. Your gift will go towards providing Moana with the medical care, food, and shelter she needs as she continues to recover from her injuries.

We are grateful that Moana is now under our care and receiving the treatment she urgently needed. While others might have overlooked her because of her injury, we saw the potential in this sweet puppy and knew that we could give her the second chance at life that she deserved. Your continued support allows us to give pups like Moana a second chance! 


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