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Mcleod's FHO - Thank you!

Our Goal: $2,700

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Today we share the story of a very special dog named Mcleod. Mcleod is a two-year-old Terrier American Staffordshire who is currently in foster care. He is a loving and affectionate dog who has captured the hearts of everyone he meets.

Unfortunately, Mcleod has been struggling with a painful hip condition that has left him unable to walk or play without experiencing significant pain. His vet has recommended an Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO), which will restore pain-free mobility to his hip and allow him to enjoy a happy and healthy life once again. 

Mcleod's surgery will cost $2,700. We need your help raising the funds needed to get Mcleod the care he needs.  Every little bit helps, and any gift you can make, no matter how small, will make a huge difference in Mcleod's life. Together, we can ensure that Mcleod receives the care he deserves, and that he can go on to live a full and happy life. After his surgery, Mcleod will be available for adoption to a loving forever family. He is a wonderful boy who will make a great companion for anyone lucky enough to adopt him. 

Thank you for your consideration in supporting Mcleod. Your kindness and generosity will not be forgotten.


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