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Magenta's Amputation - Thank you!

Our Goal: $1,200

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UPDATE (March 11, 2023): Magenta had a suture removal and is doing well! She is thriving with her foster parents and foster fur-siblings but is looking for a forever family to call her own. 

Magenta is just one of the dogs we have saved from the City Shelter’s euthanasia list last month. Though we’ve only known her for five days, her story is both heartbreaking and inspiring.  

When she was rescued, she was completely emaciated, skin and bones, and had open wounds up and down her leg. This poor baby also developed refeeding syndrome, and had to be fed very small meals throughout the day in order for her to keep it down.  

Despite her painful conditions, Magenta's sweet and loving personality shone through, and we knew we had to do everything we could to make her life better. Though she was in pain, she would wag her tail during her bandage changes and assessments, somehow knowing she was finally being cared for.  

Unfortunately, it was deemed necessary to amputate her leg, as the injuries were severe, and infection was setting in. Last night she underwent an emergency surgery and today, is being monitored and recovering at our Medical Care Center. She was also spayed, to prevent more puppies from enduring the unnecessary hardships of life on the street. 

The cost of this emergency surgery was $1,200. 

Sweet puppies like Magenta should not have to be killed for the mistakes humans make. That’s why we do what we do- trying to save as many as we possibly can from an unfair fate, and YOU make that possible.

*Magenta would also love to recover in a cozy temporary foster home.  


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