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Luchi's Legs - Thank you!

Our Goal: $2,000

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Luchi, a 10-month-old shepherd mix, came into our care in critical condition. Her back two legs were not functional, and she faced immense challenges in mobility. Despite her injury, Luchi's spirits remained high, refusing to let her circumstances discourage her.

Luchi's foster parents have gone above and beyond to empower her, including countless trips to the veterinarian that revealed that Luchi requires a femoral head ostectomy for both back legs. With their unwavering commitment, Luchi's fosters helped one of her back legs heal completely through physical therapy and dedicated care! To ensure Luchi can enjoy a life without pain or limitations, she received a femoral head ostectomy surgery to repair her right back leg. The cost of this crucial procedure is $2,000. Your support will help cover the cost of Luchi's medical care, including the surgery, post-operative care, and any necessary follow-up treatments. Your generous donation will make all the difference in Luchi's journey to walk again.

Together, we can ensure that Luchi's spirit is matched with a healthy body, giving her the freedom to run, play, and explore like any other joyful puppy. We can give Luchi the gift of mobility and a life filled with love and joy.


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