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Loreli - Thank you!

Our Goal: $10,000

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October 6, 2022 Update: 
Loreli went in for another follow-up appointment, and the vet pulled two of Lorelei's pins. He wants to see her again in 4-5 weeks and may pull some more pins or the whole fixator. She continues to have weekly bandage changes. 

September 12, 2022 Update:
Loreli’s right leg has continued to be an issue and the surgeon recommended she have it amputated. The pins kept working their way out because of the nature of her breaks – some of the worst they’ve ever seen, and because of this she developed an infection. Thankfully, her other leg in the external fixator is now strong enough to support her through this but she will still need to be in the fixator for about 12 weeks.

Callaghan hospital was able to squeeze her in today, and she will be spending the night there to be monitored. Amputation sounds scary, but from what we’ve seen, the pups do great afterward – and she’ll be more comfortable moving around. 

Even though she’s been through so much, she continues do be a happy and healthy girl otherwise. 

Her injury was a real doozey, and we are so grateful that she has friends who care about her progress and well-being! 

August 19,2022 Update:
Two evenings ago, a pin from her surgery started to poke through and this sweet girl needed, yet ANOTHER surgery - her third. The surgeon removed two of her pins and replaced them with four different pins. He said everything went as expected. She's on a lot of pain medication and antibiotics and is handling everything so well. This morning she even took a few steps outside to potty. We are so grateful to everyone for your support, and for her awesome foster family, helping her through this. 

August 11, 2022 Update: 
Loreli is out of surgery and doing well. The surgeon was able to reconstruct her knee. He pinned the femur fracture and the tibia fracture and put everything back into alignment. The third fracture has a lot of scar tissue so he left it as is. He’s happy with the results and now she starts her recovery.

August 11, 2022 Update: Thank you all - We met our match!! 
The surgery for her left leg ended up being more complicated than anticipated. The free-floating piece of bone that was broken off did not have a blood supply so they can't pin and plate it back in place. The doctor ended up reconfiguring everything and putting an external fixator on to stabilize everything and allow the bones to heal independently without pins or plates. She will need to be in the external fixator for 16 weeks. 

Because the left leg was complicated they were not able to work on her right leg today. She will have surgery AGAIN today to address the right leg. That surgery we already know will be complicated so fingers crossed it goes well. She will not be able to come home until Friday afternoon now. Expected cost is now more than $10,000.

August 11, 2022 Update: 
Sweet Loreli is currently having surgery on her legs, and the vet is working on repairing both legs since she wouldn’t have a leg to stand on for recovery if one leg is gone and one is repaired. One of her legs is broken in three sections. The estimated bill for her surgery is now more than $8,000. 

A donor generously provided a matching gift of $2,500 to help us raise the additional funds for her surgery. Can you please help this sweet pup by making a gift today? Your gift will be doubled and get us closer to covering the full cost of her surgery.

This adorable seven-month-old puppy is now being fostered by our incredible Animal Behavior Specialist and her family. They are also caring for Isabel and Tasha, two other pups with leg issues and medical needs.

August 5, 2022
Loreli is an adorable seven-month-old puppy, sweet, spunky, and full-of-life. Her charming personality helped her get adopted quickly. 

Unfortunately, Loreli returned to Animal Care Services severely injured. Loreli's physical condition indicated that she had been hit by a car. This tiny pup was in a significant amount of pain and urgently needed medical attention. Our Lifesaving team brought Loreli back into San Antonio Pets Alive!'s care.

Our Medical team is working on getting her the necessary treatment she urgently needs to get back on her feet. Loreli is unable to walk, and her x-rays show that she has several broken bones. She has been evaluated by a few different vets, and she will need a specialty vet to perform on her. We are estimating her cost to be more than $3,000.

In the meantime, our foster team has secured this sweet girl a foster that will pick her up over the weekend. Loreli will have a comfortable and loving home to recover in until she is fully healed and is ready to be adopted. Despite all the pain she is in, she is a happy little girl, wagging her tail and seeking pets.  

*Any remaining funds we receive after covering the medical expenses for Lorelei will go towards medical costs for other dogs and cats in our care. 


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