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Little Bob needs help! - Thank you!

Our Goal: $300

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Update 2/28/23: Bob received his surgery and is recovering in his cozy foster home!

Bob, a tiny 13-pound ball of fur, was brought into our care through San Antonio Pets Alive!'s owner surrender program. We welcomed him with open arms, and he quickly found a fantastic foster. 

Susan, Bob's foster, said, "I fell in love with him the moment I saw him. I knew I could give him the TLC he needs." Shortly after picking Bob up at our Medical Care Center, Susan made an appointment with her veterinarian and dog groomer. 

Bob had a severe eye infection in both of his eyes and has cherry eyes caused by the rupture of the ligaments that keep his third eyelid in place. Bob has been taking antibiotic eye drops and pills to help with his eye infection and is scheduled to have eye surgery this upcoming Tuesday to fix his cherry eyes. 

 Bob's medical costs will be $300, which includes eye surgery, special medicated eye drops, and aftercare. 

Cherry eyes are painful, and Bob is unable to produce tears leaving him defenseless against dirt and other particles getting into his eye. Cherry eyes can lead to chronic eye problems and complications if left untreated. Please consider making a gift to help cover Bob's medical expenses and get him the medical care he urgently needs. 

After his surgery, Bob will be recovering with Susan for two weeks. Susan will closely monitor him and administer his medication. Once he has recovered, Bob will be officially adopted by Susan's best friend. 

 Thank you for helping Bob and the many vulnerable animals in our community!



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