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Leg Up Puppies - Thank You!

Our Goal: $2,500

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October 6, 2022 UPDATE: 
Duster received and recovered from his amputation and was adopted on Monday, October 3. Kenobi is being adopted by his foster, and he is doing great. Star was also adopted in September. Emilio's leg ended up being okay and fortunately didn't need any surgery. Sadly, Tasha, developed seizures as a result of her distemper and was failing to thrive. She was euthanized in early October. You will be missed Tasha - run free sweet girl!

Sadly, many dogs in our care have sustained extreme injuries due to homelessness and possible car collisions. Duster, Star, and Tasha all suffer from leg-related injuries, requiring additional medical treatment. It's SAPA!'s job to provide these pups the "leg up" they urgently need and deserve, and we are counting on you to help us.

Tasha is a five-month-old pup surviving distemper and parvovirus. She is unable to walk normally and "army crawls with" her back legs. Tasha squats and waddles with determination and motivation. Her willingness to live despite everything she has endured in her short life drives us to get her the care she urgently needs.

Duster will break your heart when you see the enormous pain his back leg causes him. There's a possibility that Duster was hit by a car, resulting in injuries to both hind legs. The right hind leg has healed on its own, but the left leg appears to have nerve damage that has rendered it useless. The muscles have completely atrophied, and it drags when he moves around causing sores on his foot. Two veterinarians agree that amputation of the left hind leg is the best course of action as it is not usable and seems to only get in his way. Duster's amputation appointment is scheduled for August 23rd.

Star is a pup that was brought into our care from the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services. Due to an unknown trauma, this sweet five-month-old pup cannot bear weight on her left hind leg and she needs surgery for a fracture repair. She is currently wearing a cast to try and keep her comfortable while waiting for surgery. Star is currently at our Medical Care Center and needs a foster, so she can recover comfortably in a loving home.

Our medical expenses have been high this summer with extreme medical cases. Please support Tasha, Duster, and Star by making a gift to help fund their care so they can start feeling better. Their medical expenses are anticipated to be more than $2,500.

Because of the incredible support of our donors, fosters, rescue partners, and team, vulnerable cats and dogs can receive the tools and services needed to get one step closer to finding their forever families. Thank you for believing in animals that others quickly overlook and making it possible for them to have a second chance.

In addition to these three precious pups, Kenobi also recently completed his splint changes, and his leg has healed. We also are determining the best treatment for our newest pup, Emilio as he is exhibiting complications with one of his legs.


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