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Isabel - Thank you!

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November 20, 2022: Isabel was adopted!! 

August 10, 2022: Isabel's second surgery went well, they ended up shortening her ulna and rotating her front foot back into a normal position. She will be in a splint while she is healing for the next 4-6 weeks. She will be coming home tomorrow. This surgery is estimated at around $5000. 

August 5,2022: We recently learned that Izzy will need a corrective osteotomy surgery for her angular limb deformity. This is scheduled for this month (August) and we'll keep you all updated!

In the meantime she continues to help acclimate other new fosters to living life in a safe and comfortable home.  She would live to find her forever home, once she has healed from her second intensive surgery. 

June 23, 2022
Don't let her sad face fool you, our sweet pea Isabel is doing swimmingly! This shy, injured puppy we rescued last month had her surgery, and has now blossomed into a beautiful and happy young puppy!

Her foster mom (our own Animal Behavior Specialist) is making sure to keep up with her physical therapy and rehabilitation to relearn how to walk correctly, including her favorite activity - swimming around the pool during her aqua therapy class! Isabel continues to be our most favorite office visitor while Kyle makes rounds at our facilities.

May 26, 2022
Isabel, a beautiful five-month-old puppy, miraculously survived for a month or more, all on her own, with many broken bones and injuries, prior to being saved by San Antonio Pets Alive!. One of our team members saw this precious girl in the kennels at the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services - skinny, obviously injured, and very scared. She would scoot around, avoid her back legs and her spine was twisted and curved. However, she would do all she could with her non-broken parts to get human contact and give cuddles and kisses.  

Our Animal Behavior Specialist, Kyle, saw Isabel at our Rescue Center and could not leave her behind after she’s been through. She agreed to foster her and took Isabel immediately to the vet for x-rays.  

Isabel has TEN fractures in her tiny body, including her left femur growth plate and femoral head fracture on her right leg. After visiting an orthopedic vet, she is scheduled for surgery in early June. She will have a femoral head ostectomy (FHO) for her fractured right femur. Her left femur is calcifying, and the surgeon will remove calcification, possibly needing to adjust her femur and shorten it to fit it back in place. Her front left foot is possibly broken and might need to be splinted. She will be plated and pinned and will need extensive rehabilitation afterwards. Her ribs and tail are healing and do not need to be worked on. After examining her x-rays and evaluating Isabel, the orthopedic vet stated Isabel's injuries occurred a month or more ago, more than likely being hit by a car and left to suffer in pain.  

Somehow though, this little pup still manages to wag her tail, play with her toys, and bring so much joy to everyone she meets. Isabel has been a regular here at the office while Kyle is working with our other dogs. She loves being doted upon and carried like a baby, and we are all happy to oblige!  





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