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Headin' Home - Getting pups safely out of Texas!


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There has never been a more urgent time to act than right now.

As you know, the situation for animals in Texas has reached a critical point, and we need your help to provide life-saving solutions through our expanded Headin' Home transport program.

We are determined, now more than ever, to rescue and provide safe options for the growing number of homeless pets in our state. That's why we've expanded our fleet, including a sprinter van (holds 35-40 crates), a donated bus (holds 90 crates), and a smaller van (holds 25 crates), all ready to embark on rescue missions across Texas and beyond.

But here's the challenge: The influx of adoptable pets is relentless, and the available kennel space is scarce. To maintain and expand this crucial initiative, we need your support to ensure we have the capacity to save more lives.

Your contribution today will directly impact the lives of the most vulnerable animals in our communities.

The funds we raise will cover essential expenses such as fuel and fleet maintenance, compensation for our dedicated drivers, health licenses, storage, and other program necessities.

Here's where it gets even better: Some of our incredible supporters have stepped up with matching gifts totaling $5,000! This means that every dollar you contribute will be matched, effectively DOUBLING the impact of your support.

Our goal for the next twelve months is to send 2,000 at-risk dogs and puppies to shelters in the Pacific Northwest, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Wisconsin, and even Canada. By partnering with receiving animal rescue organizations, we ensure these deserving pups find the loving families they deserve and get a fresh start in life.

However, time is of the essence, and the demand for help is ever increasing. Our original transport van is on its last legs, and the costs of gas, maintenance, and insurance continue to rise as the program expands.

Your contribution today will directly save lives and help us overcome these challenges, ensuring the success of our life-saving mission.

Please join us, in creating a brighter future for animals in San Antonio and beyond. Let's make this program a resounding success and show the world the power of our collective kindness.

Thank you for your unwavering support, dedication, and compassion.


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