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Five Pups with Sarcoptic Mange - Thank you!

Our Goal: $2000

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Pharaoh, Winx, Eclipse, Barbaro, and Genuine are all siblings itching for an opportunity to live a healthy life. These five three-month-old puppies were on the city shelter's euthanasia list on August 23. Many overlooked these precious puppies because they all have a severe case of sarcoptic mange, upper respiratory infection, and tapeworms. We stepped up without hesitation to save these precious lives. We were their last chance.  

Sarcoptic mange is caused by a parasitic mite that burrows just beneath the surface of the skin. These parasites can be transmitted from dog to dog. It is also contagious to humans. 

These were in terrible shape when they came into our Rescue Center and were shaking profusely. They were afraid, terrified, and hairless from all the scratching. Their skin was covered with open lesions that were severely infected. Our lifesaving team gave them all medicated baths and quickly administered their first of two rounds of treatment to begin treating this infectious disease. 

They have a long road ahead of them, and the cost of their treatment and care is expected to be more than $2,000.  After their second round of treatment, the sarcoptic mange will no longer be contagious. We can't wait for them to feel completely better and will share their transformation pictures with you. 

Please consider making a gift to help treat these precious babies. Every dollar makes a difference for our animals! 


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