Medical Chip-Ins

Feather is Under the Weather

Our Goal: $1,200

chip-in Post

We are writing you to ask for your help in supporting Feather, a beloved dog adopted from San Antonio Pets Alive! (SAPA!) in 2012 as a sweet puppy. Feather was unfortunately surrendered by his owner to the city shelter because they could not pay for his medical treatment. 

SAPA!'s Lifesaving team immediately pulled Feather into our care, where we discovered that Feather has a severe medical condition that requires urgent attention. His abdomen is completely covered with painful tumors, one of which is covering his penis. After consultation with our veterinarian, it was determined that the best course of action for Feather would be to remove his penis completely and create an opening for him to urinate. 

Feather is currently under the care of a dedicated foster who is treating his tumors topically and with steroids to reduce the swelling. He is also taking medication for an upper respiratory infection. Feather's surgery is scheduled for April 27th. 

The cost of Feather's surgery and aftercare is $1,200. This is a substantial expense for our organization, and we hope generous donors like you willing to help us cover the cost of this essential procedure.

Any gift, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated and will go directly towards helping Feather receive the care he needs to recover. Feather is a resilient dog, and I hope he will fully recover with proper care and treatment. San Antonio Pets Alive! was there for Feather in 2012 as a puppy, and we will continue to be there for him as long as he needs us. 


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