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Diva's Determination- Thank you!

Our Goal: $1,000

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Diva's journey has been a tough one. She's a tiny ten-pound chihuahua who was saved from euthanasia due to lack of space at the city shelter. This tiny but brave pup was depressed, anxious, and in a lot of pain. Our lifesaving team noticed Diva could not put weight on her left leg. Realizing that she was in urgent need of medical care, our team did everything we could to find a space for sweet little Diva.

Diva was later transferred to SAPA!'s Medical Care Center where she got x-rays and was evaluated by a veterinarian. The vet determined that her leg is beyond repair and must be amputated right away. Diva’s amputation surgery is scheduled tomorrow, and the cost of her procedure is estimated to be more than $1,000. We're reaching out to you today to ask for your help in making a gift to cover Diva's medical expenses and continued care.  Diva, with a little bit of love and the necessary medical treatment required, will have very full and healthy life with only three legs. Dogs are resilient and accommodate for the lost limb very quickly. They just need a chance. With your gift, SAPA! intends to ensure that Diva gets that chance.


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