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Butters - Thank you!

Our Goal: $400 Goal Reached!

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Butters, now known as Lemon, was tossed out of a vehicle earlier this year. A helpless dog was discarded in a box, alert but unable to move, completely covered in ants, and one of the worst cases of excessive matting.

Lemon had infections from head to tail, including his skin, eyes, ears, teeth, and a respiratory infection. Thank you to our generous donors we were able to cover Lemon's medical expenses. This sweet boy received a double enucleation and neuter surgery.

With lots of love and care, Lemon recovered beautifully. We are happy to announce that Lemon was officially adopted and is now enjoying his new family. His adopter said, "Lemon is adjusting. He is managing fairly well!"

We are so happy for Lemon, it was a long road to recovery, but thanks to his foster and supporters, he was able to get his happy tail ending!


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