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Binx and Bru - Thank you!

Our Goal: $700 - Goal Reached!

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UPDATE: We are happy to share Binx and Bru received their procedures and were recently adopted.... by sisters! We are so happy these sweet little brothers will get to see each other and continue to grow up together!!

June 27, 2022
Binx and Bru each have one perfectly good eye, and one that has completely ruptured. Sadly, their surgeries had to be postponed due to skin infections and ringworm, but now they’re healthy enough to go forward with the procedures. The sockets will need to be cleaned out and stitched closed to prevent further infections from occurring.

Their foster says: “These brothers will do anything for extra snuggles, lay on feet, climb legs, and snuggle dangling feet from below. These boys play a little, but they are much less interested in exploring than they are snuggling people and purring thunderously. When picked up, they go completely limp into your arms. They are the best boys, and we can’t wait for them to be healed and ready for adoption!”


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