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Ares' Arthrodesis- Thank you!!

Our Goal: $3,500

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Update: July This sweet boy was adopted by his foster family!! 

Ares is currently experiencing an overwhelming amount of pain and discomfort. We can only imagine the hardships Ares endured prior to coming into our care, but we are grateful that he is now in good hands and is getting the medical care and attention he urgently needs.

Recent X-rays confirmed that his left paw is broken, and after consulting with several veterinarians, the best course of action for Ares is arthrodesis surgery. This procedure will repair his broken paw, preserving it instead of resorting to amputation. Despite the pain he endures, Ares still tries to use his injured paw. However, even a short walk causes his pain to intensify, leaving him limping and in distress. This surgery will relieve him from suffering, but most importantly, it will let Ares to thrive and blossom into the beautiful and happy pup he deserves to be! 

The estimated cost for Ares' arthrodesis and neuter surgery exceeds $3,500. Your generous gift will make a world of difference in Ares' life. By supporting his surgery, you will not only alleviate his pain but also provide him with the opportunity for a bright future filled with love, happiness, and freedom! 


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