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Allen- Thank you!

Our Goal: $400 Goal Reached!

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So far this month, San Antonio Pets Alive! (SAPA!) has helped 144 dogs and puppies that were on the San Antonio city shelter’s euthanasia list. These beautiful dogs are here today, still living seeking their second chance at life, thanks to our rescue partners, fosters, and supporters.

Since we are a last chance rescue organization, many of our cats and dogs come in with medical issues, sometimes extreme. Allen was on the city’s euthanasia list on August 15, and he is one of our extreme medical cases. We were brought to tears and horror when we saw this helpless puppy's pain and physical state, thinking of the neglect and harm this precious pup has gone through. Allen's back skin is completely burned off, exposing bright pink tissue. This burn is one of the most severe cases San Antonio Pets Alive! has seen.

This sweet puppy is being cared for by Samantha, a foster volunteer. Samantha cleans Allen's burn daily with a saline solution and applies antibiotic cream. She has to keep a close eye on him because the vet suggested that his burn wound must stay exposed. Bandages adhere to exposed tissue and don't allow burns to heal correctly. Allen is on two types of medication to help avoid any infections and visits the veterinarian once a week to check on his wound. The estimated cost for his medications and medical care is around $400.

Samantha said, "The first day we brought Allen home, he was petrified and stayed curled up in his crate the entire day. He is learning to trust again. He loves my four-year-old daughter and wags his tail every time he sees her." Allen also has three four-legged foster siblings that are also helping take care of him and are making him feel right at home.

We are thankful Allen is in great hands and can help get him on his road to recovery. Please consider making a gift to help cover Allen's medical costs and the hundreds of animals currently in our care. 

*Warning! Extremely graphic images
*Any remaining funds we receive after covering the cost of Allen, will go toward the thousands of dogs and cats we save each year.


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