I'm Scared...

April 2022

From the Desk of Rebecca Mayberry

Dear Lifesaving Partner, 

I've been with San Antonio Pets Alive! for four years and I can honestly say for the first time, I'm scared. There are so many puppies entering our municipal shelter right now and for the first time, it's more than we can save. We don't have space to pull healthy, adoptable puppies, and we don't have fosters lined up to help them.

The majority of our transitional kennels at building one are full of beautiful puppies. These puppies can be adopted. Our small medical clinic has 77 puppies and dogs – they need fosters and adopters. We have more than 600 dogs and cats in our care right now…

We've reached out to the media for help to create awareness, reaching out to our current fosters, and I'm calling friends and supporters. However, it's not enough. This year is different.  We MUST have new fosters to help us save puppies.  San Antonio Pets Alive! can't do this work alone. We all have to get involved.

Please consider opening up your home and fostering and helping to spread the word. San Antonio Pets Alive! provides all medical care and supports you along the way.  If you are able to adopt, now is the time.

Click here for the foster application.
Click here to look at some of our available dogs and cats.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for everything you do to support our lifesaving, and I hope you'll come through for the puppies once again.


Rebecca Mayberry, Executive Director

San Antonio Pets Alive!

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