From the Desk of Rebecca Mayberry

December 2021

From the Desk of Rebecca Mayberry

Dear Lifesaving Partner,

As the Holidays are upon us, I hope you are safely gathering with family and friends, and surrounded by the people or the beautiful memories of those you love. While we’ve faced another year of uncertain times of stress and fear, there are moments of joy and things to be grateful for. Here is what I’m truly thankful for:

1. My Family. I’m blessed with two beautiful grown children and a loving supportive husband – all who love animals and support me as the Executive Director of San Antonio Pets Alive! (SAPA!) That means giving generously to financially support SAPA!, opening our homes up to animals in need, and saving stray dogs and cats that we see in the city. I’m proud that my children embrace animal rescue and both have rescued and fostered animals and both are adopters of rescues.

2. Animals. Animals have always been a huge part of my life – as early as I can remember I had a cat and dog by my side. That has not changed and they’ve been a constant in my life. Always by my side providing comfort, joy and making me a better person. I can’t imagine my life without dogs and cats and I am grateful every single day that I am able to contribute to saving their lives.

3. SAPA!and it’s lifesaving mission. The City of San Antonio is better and brighter because of San Antonio Pets Alive! As we turn 10 years old today, and we are nearing the total of saving 60,000 dogs and cats, there is much to be proud about. San Antonio Pets Alive! was once a dream our founder, Dr. Jefferson, had and has now grown to be an important part of the solution for homeless dogs and cats in San Antonio and surrounding communities.

4. 2022. I am excited about the future and the opportunities ahead for San Antonio Pets Alive! We are looking at developing new programs, growing our operating reserve, and building the best possible team which readies us to take the next steps as an organization and save more dogs and cats.

From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely thank you for helping us day in and day out.


Rebecca Mayberry, Executive Director

San Antonio Pets Alive!

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