A Message from the Desk of the Executive Director

July 2021

July 20, 2021 - San Antonio Pets Alive! is under attack.
We are learning that there is a huge misconception, and a lot of miscommunication by individuals who do not truly understand our lifesaving mission. Many people wrongly believe that San Antonio Pets Alive! is killing dogs, and that is 100% untrue. However, I am disheartened to share that this rumor has created a situation that has escalated to the point that our staff has begun to receive physically threatening and abusive emails. These threats are coming from all over the country and even from individuals who live out of the country.

We want to clarify the role of San Antonio Pets Alive! and stop these horrible rumors now. San Antonio Pets Alive! is not the City of San Antonio municipal shelter. The City of San Antonio Animal Care Services is a municipal animal control shelter and is a government entity tasked with picking up stray animals that may pose a threat to public health and safety. San Antonio Animal Control Services (ACS) is funded with tax dollars paid by San Antonio residents. San Antonio Pets Alive! is funded 100% by gifts from the public, foundation grants, adoption fees and has a contract with the City of San Antonio to receive $75 for each dog and cat saved. We rely on our donors, from all over the world, to pay our employees, and to continue our effort to save dogs and cats that wind up on the ACS euthanasia list every single day.

San Antonio Pets Alive! saves lives. Our organization has nothing to do with the ACS program that is meant to control the stray dog and cat population in our city. Government shelters take in a certain number of dogs and cats every day. If the dogs and cats are not eventually adopted, returned to owners, or rescued, then the city shelter makes the difficult decision to euthanize the animals in order to make space for the constant flow of incoming dogs and cats. These shelters seek out fosters, adopters, and nonprofit animal welfare groups, like San Antonio Pets Alive!, to help save the lives of animals in their care. However, if these resources are unable to help, then shelter protocols call for euthanasia to free up space.

San Antonio Pets Alive! is the lifeline for dogs and cats entering the municipal shelter in San Antonio. We are THE only entity standing between approximately 5,000 dogs and cats in San Antonio each year and death. Our organization is the only animal rescue group with a dedicated facility on the city ACS campus. Our amazing staff works tirelessly, all day, every day, to pull as many cats and dogs as possible off the euthanasia list. We then utilize our local and national resources to find adopters, fosters and other rescue partners outside of San Antonio to take in those animals that would otherwise be killed by the city shelter. San Antonio Pets Alive! is the savior for stray dogs and cats in San Antonio.

Here is some important information about San Antonio Pets Alive!:

  1.  In 2011, San Antonio Pets Alive! was created to save the lives of dogs and cats entering the municipal shelter in San Antonio.
  2.  San Antonio Pets Alive! does not have a shelter of its own. We are a foster-based rescue, and we rely 100% on the dedication and kindness of our volunteers who open up their homes to help   with the overpopulation crisis until the animals can be vaccinated, spayed/neutered and adopted out.
  3.  On average, San Antonio Pets Alive! saves approximately 5,000 dogs and cats from euthanasia at San Antonio Animal Care Services and surrounding communities.
  4.  As a private, non-profit organization, we are primarily funded by individuals who love dogs and cats and support our mission. In addition, we receive grants from foundations such as Petco Love, Meadows Foundation and San Antonio Area Foundation to help us save lives.
  5.  We work closely with over 90 rescue partners across the country who support our work to save the lives of San Antonio dogs and cats.
  6.  We are open seven days a week, 365 days a year, at our Animal Care Services facility (Building #1) every single day evaluating dogs and cats and working endlessly to find alternatives to euthanasia.
  7.  Animals who are often overlooked by other rescue groups and adopters, are saved by San Antonio Pets Alive! This includes parvo puppies, distemper puppies, neonatal kittens, and neonatal puppies.  In fact, we don’t shy away from sick or injured dogs and cats, we strive to give them life.

San Antonio Animal Care Services has one of the highest animal intakes in the country, averaging 32,000 animals each year!  The live release rate currently hovers between 85 and 90 percent. This means the majority of animals entering this facility are making it out alive.  The city of San Antonio has made great strides in its goal to become a “no-kill” city, however, more work needs to be done.  Individuals spreading false information about San Antonio Pets Alive! will hinder our ability to continue our lifesaving mission and the animals depending on us.  We need supporters like you, now more than ever, to circulate the truth about San Antonio Pets Alive! The lives of so many animals depend on it.

Animal lovers across the country must unite and support the work of shelters and rescue groups by donating, fostering, adopting, and volunteering.  There is no easy solution and it’s going to take hard work and a supportive community to end the senseless killing of pets.

Please help us help them. Spread the truth and help San Antonio Pets Alive! save lives.

I believe killing even one dog or cat for space is wrong and we are doing our absolute best to help the animals with the resources we have.  Thank you for believing in San Antonio Pets Alive! and our mission-essential work.

All my best,


Rebecca Mayberry
Executive Director



Lives Saved by High Volume Rescue Partners of San Antonio Animal Care Services
October 1, 2020 through May 31, 2021


Animal Care Services Fiscal Year: October 1 through September 30