4th of July Pet Safety Tips

June 2019


Did you know that more pets get lost on July 4th than any other day of the year?

Fourth of July may be fun for the family, but it’s a stressful time for your furry friends. Here are our July 4th tops so you and your four-legged family members have a safe holiday!

1. Stay Indoors. Before the firework show begins, bring your pets inside and put them in a safe, quiet room with their favorite toys or treats and a cozy blanket. If possible, remove visual stimulation of the festivities by keeping windows and curtains closed.

2. Microchip your pet. If your pet gets away and slips out of its collar, a microchip is an effective way to be reunited. Just be sure the microchip is registered! width=

3. Collars and ID tags. Be sure your pets are wearing their collars all day, even inside so they can be instantly recognized as a family pet.

4. Paws off. Keep human food and alcoholic drinks away from your pets.


Happy 4th of July from your friends at San Antonio Pets Alive!.