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In 2017’s event, San Antonio Pets Alive! finished 2nd in total donations out of all 648 Big-Give participating local nonprofits! This year, with your help, we can take first prize to benefit the most vulnerable animals in San Antonio!

Join us for 24 hours on March 22nd to raise funds, save lives, and grow awareness for the animals who need us. Participating in the exciting friendly competition is easy and fun.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

YOU can host your own fun FUNdraiser! Do you know people who care about pets just as much as you do? Are you active on social media? You can be a hero to dogs and cats just by reaching out to your friends and family. Let us show you how to participate with peer-to-peer! Click here for more details.


We wouldn’t leave our corporate and small business favorites out! Businesses can join in the fun, earn valuable marketing benefits, and even get a good deal out of the bargain! Click here for more details. 

Resources - coming soon...

Check out our resources page for sample social media posts and emails, hashtag suggestions, photos, and logos. All you have to do is share!


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The Big Give is South Central Texas’ 24-hour day of online giving, fueled by the power of generous donors, creative nonprofits, social media, collaboration, and you! The goal of the Big Give is to support the nonprofits in our region. Since 2014, 150,00 donors have given nearly $15 million dollars to over 2,000 nonprofits through the Big Give, making it one of the most successful giving days in the country.

San Antonio Pets Alive! is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to saving pets at the city shelter. San Antonio Pets Alive! has saved 40,000 of these animals in San Antonio since 2012.

A Stay-Cation finally wags Cody’s tail!

San Antonio Pets Alive! rescued Cody from the euthanasia kennels at the city shelter. We don’t know how he got there, but we do know he was thin, neglected, and heartworm positive. Despite whatever trauma led him to this point, his slow and gentle tail wag when SAPA! staff tended to him said he still had hope in mankind. Finally safe with SAPA!, he waited for his forever family to find him.

Then, one day kind strangers approached him. Next thing he knew, he was riding in the car! He enjoyed the scratches behind his ears and the sunshine on his face. They went to the park, and Cody got to meet new people and new dogs. He ran and played. He was spoiled with treats and belly rubs. He wore himself out and took a nap beside the fire. At the end of the day, he was returned to his safe kennel at SAPA! He rested on his familiar cot, dreaming of the fun he had and of one day finding a family of his own.

Cody had just enjoyed a Stay-Cation! With this innovative and researched-backed program, dogs like Cody get to enjoy some out-of-kennel time, and also reap long-term benefits even when they go back to their kennel. The stress reduction and positive interactions are scientifically-proven to improve wellbeing. The additional exposure to different potential adopters improves chances of getting adopted soon. It’s a win-win for all involved! Cody’s story is just one of the thousands of stories from animals saved in San Antonio by San Antonio Pets Alive! SAPA! doesn’t just save lives, we change them.

Mail-in your donation: P.O. Box 830006 San Antonio, TX 78283

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