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We would like to thank you for your dedication to making San Antonio a No Kill city.


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Volunteer Needs:

 Click HERE for a complete list of volunteer opportunities.


Volunteers are critical to the success of SAPA! And SAPA! is critical to the success of making San Antonio no-kill! SAPA! Volunteers help support our programs so we can operate and focus on groups of animals that would otherwise not be saved. Our programs support medically and behaviorally fragile pets.

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Volunteer Requirements:

  • Submit an online application which includes a Volunteer Agreement
  • Complete digital orientation and sign the Release of Liability Waiver
  • Ages 16+ must complete a City of San Antonio Volunteer Security Background Check if volunteering at ACS/151
  • Attend an on-site training session
  • Commit to a minimum of 4- 6 hours per month
  • Attend any additional training classes as necessary
  • Court-mandated volunteers will need prior approval from the Volunteer Program Manager in order to begin volunteering



Age-Specific Requirements:

Volunteers under age 12 are not permitted to serve as a volunteer or be present during any volunteer work at our facilities.

  • Volunteers 12-15 are required to volunteer with a parent/guardian with both filling out an application. The parent/guardian volunteer will be required to be present at all times during the minor’s volunteer service
  • Volunteers ages 16-17 may volunteer on their own after a parent/guardian has signed their liability waiver and attended the minor’s first training session



Group Volunteer Service

Thank you so much for your interest in a Group Service day with San Antonio Pets Alive. Our groups are extremely valuable to our life-saving work, and we are excited to work with you!

Here’s how  Group Volunteering works at SAPA!:

  • Complete a Group Volunteer Application
  • Confirm date, time, and number of volunteers with our Volunteer Program Manager
  • Have every group member sign the SAPA! Liability Waiver. Volunteers under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by their parent or guardian. These waivers can be sent prior to your shift and you can bring them on the day of your scheduled shift. Minors under 12 are not permitted to join on your group volunteer day
  • Group Volunteer Activities are offered and available Monday – Friday with limited availability on Saturdays

For further clarifications or questions please email



Volunteer Donation

SAPA! requests a volunteer donation to assist in the continuing development of the program along with development of training materials and the purchase of name tags. The program requested amounts are as follows:

General & Community Service Volunteers- $20

Court-Mandated Service Volunteers- $30

These volunteer donations help to fund SAPA! programs and higher fee donations are always welcome!


Frequently Asked Questions about Volunteering

Do you offer an opportunity for Community Service hours to be completed? 

If you are seeking community service hours for school or an organization we allow individuals to complete service within our organization. You may request a community service form and have an authorized SAPA! staff member initial your time sheet after each time you volunteer. COURT ORDERED community service must be approved by the program manager to ensure it does not go against the atmosphere of SAPA!

 Why are you asking for a donation to volunteer?  

SAPA! solely rescues dogs and cats that have been slated for euthanasia at the city shelter, with the innovative life saving programs we have in place. These donations help fund our programs and to help continue to save lives everyday. Community service is at a higher base as with non-profits only 10% of individuals remain as constant companions to where a very few people continue to volunteer after they have reached their service requirement. These donations are not required, but are appreciated very much! 

Are there any on-going requirements for Volunteers?

We ask that all volunteers commit to at least 4 – 6 hours per month of service. Our volunteer management system (Better Impact) has a licensing fee for each user, so we regularly remove volunteers who are not active or meet the requirements within a 90 day time frame.

Additionally, we require all volunteers to adhere to the SAPA!
Volunteer Policies. You must agree to these policies in order to become part of our live-saving family. Any questions or concerns about the policies may be directed to  

Can I just come and walk dogs?  

Only SAPA! volunteers who have undergone Dog Handling 101 on-site training may walk our dogs.

You can access our Dog Handling resources through our volunteer portal and may schedule a Dog Handling 101 on-site training session though the “Opportunities” tab on the volunteer home page.


What Can I do as a San Antonio Pets Alive Volunteer


Dog Walking / Playgroup & Enrichment

Volunteers interested in this role we be required to attend a SAPA! Dog Handling 101 training session. It is normally held on weekends. We cannot guarantee that this training will be held every weekend, as it depends on the trainer’s availability and upcoming events.

This training will focus on three primary skills:

  • Body language; How to properly read and describe a dog’s body language
  • Safety: How to safely interact with all of our on-site animals
  • Proper utilization of tools/equipment ( leashes, collars, harnesses )

You can access the Dog Handling 101 presentation and register for a Dog Handling 101 on-site training session through the “Opportunities” tab on the volunteer portal.

 Adoption Sites

Assist adoption staff facilitate onsite adoptions by answering questions or concern from the general public. General support to facility duties to include but not limited to cleaning, sweeping ,mopping, laundry, dishes etc.


Did you know that you can obtain volunteer hours by fostering. Provide temporary care for cats or dogs in your home until they can be adopted.  If you are interested in fostering, please fill out a Foster Care Volunteer Application.  See our Foster page for more information. Volunteers are able to obtain Volunteer Hours for being a Foster, with the exception of Court Mandated Service Volunteers.


Assist in clinic areas such as greeting and animal recovery. Assist with day to day operation of the facility and ensure pets are up to date on all medial requirements prior to attending events or going to a adoption facility.

Parvo Ward

Parvo is a contagious disease among puppies that can be cured with treatment. Help care for puppies that have parvovirus in our isolated intensive care unit * Additional training maybe required *


Our organization is completely dependent on donations.  This committee assists in finding individual and business sponsors; researching and writing grants; overseeing donor recognition; developing and assisting with fundraising events.


Transports animals/supplies to and from SAPA! facilities or partners via your own vehicle


Promote SAPA!’s mission  and recruit volunteers, fosters, adopters, and donors at special events around town. Work at info tables and booths, provide animal care for our adoptable animals that may be present looking for a forever home.


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