Luke’s Story

On December 10, 2013, Luke was featured in the SAPA! Urgents & Adoptables Facebook album for dogs who had been slated for euthanasia at the city shelter. He was close to 24 hours away from being euthanized when he was saved by the Whittman family from Colorado. They arranged for Luke to stay in San Antonio until they were able to pick him up after Christmas. Luke had a surprise  waiting for him at pick up. The Whittmans did not go alone. They brought Sasha, their other dog with them to meet Luke. They became quick friends and wrestling buddies. They rode back home in the back seat together and even slept in the same travel kennel in a hotel room during the trip. Other than being, what his family called, an escape artist, Luke really didn’t have any issues adjusting to his new life. He loves to hike, go for walks and lie at his Dad’s feet while he works. Luke has been a blessing to his family. Having a young energetic dog really motivated them to get out and hike a lot more and enjoy the outdoors. Luke has had so many adventures since being adopted. He has hiked to the summits of quite a few mountains in the Colorado Springs vicinity including Muscoco Mountain, Mount Cutler, Tenney Crags, Cheyenne Mountain, Mount Herman, Mays Peak and has plans for the future. Some of Luke’s hashtags include: #WheresLukeNotAtMonarch and #HeresLukeAtMonarch . This dog has been given a great opportunity to live life thanks to the Whittman family. This is a perfect example of how much you can benefit from rescuing a dog. “This was a two-way rescue, because Luke has been a blessing to us.” The Whittmans unnamed-4Luke and his sister Sasha cuddling.  unnamed-1unnamed-3unnamed-2Luke   Thank You Whittman family for saving this amazing dog. Good luck on the rest of your adventures!

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