Why You Should Consider Fostering or Adopting from a Shelter

bottle baby kittens love for one another..Why should I consider fostering?

  • Fostering animals is simply put, you are saving lives. When you become a foster parent, you volunteer your time and energy to keep an animal in your home until they are ready for adoption. Fostering is best done through an animal shelter, or rescue group such as San Antonio Pets Alive! Fostering increases an animal’s chance of being adopted. The foster families are usually the first to find out about the animal’s personality. You as their foster mom or dad, may even be the first to teach your foster pets house manners, making them more appealing to adopters. Fostering is temporary, but is so rewarding as you play an instrumental role in helping us make San Antonio a No Kill city. Fostering also doesn’t require much but your love and the basic necessities.  SAPA! covers the cost of all medical care until the animal is adopted.  Take the time to think about it, and maybe YOU will save another life by fostering.

Why should I consider adopting?

  • Thinking of adding a new pet to your family? Here are some reasons you should consider adopting from an animal shelter.  You will save a life. Sadly around 2.7 million dogs and cats are euthanized each year in the United States simply because people give up on their pets, or fail to spay/neuter. Animal Care Services(ACS) has limited space and after a brief stray-hold, many animals find themselves slated to euthanasia.  Animal shelters are brimming with happy, healthy animals just waiting for someone to take them home. All animals adopted from SAPA! are spay/neutered, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, given their first dose of flea and heartworm preventative and receive 1 month pet insurance at no additional cost.  If you are looking for a new companion, please consider adopting an animal from SAPA! or ACS. It will save a life, and make room for others to be rescued.

I hope that some of this changes your mind, all volunteers, donations, and help is greatly appreciated, as well as welcomed! 🙂

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