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Saving lives takes all of us, It is our obligation.
It takes blood, sweat, and tears, but most of all it takes love.
Love of this difficult work, love for the San Antonio community, love like we have for Lacy. We invite you to read a letter of love, written to little Lacy by her devoted foster mom, Rebecca Stevens.

My Loveliest Lacy Girl-

The moment I saw you, I knew you were coming into our lives.  I saw everyone on Facebook frantically offering to adopt you, transport you out of state, rescue you.  I knew they saw your sad eyes, beautiful silver color, and heard your story but my heart said “This girl isn’t ready!  Her heart and body need to heal.”  I also knew you were SAFE.  You found the organization that would heal you, every single part of you.
The day I picked you up, my heart fell.  I saw your cuts, your scars, your ailing skin, heard your cough from a chest full of heartworms, felt your pain from missing your puppies, knew that hurt that was so obvious in your eyes for I had seen it too often before.
That day I made the promise to you that I make to all my fosters, “You will never feel hurt again - you will NEVER go anywhere that loves you less than I do.”
We got you home and got you straight into the bathtub for a lidocaine bath to soothe that skin followed by a sparkly t-shirt to protect you from your own claws.   Despite your scars, cuts, and scrapes, I couldn’t help but share your photos with the world.  You were adorable!  You were HAPPY!  You were born for glittery tees and flower bows.  You were made to shine!  How  quickly you learned to trust, to cuddle, to kiss, and to just be YOU.  Practically Perfect in Every Way Lacy!  The Mary Poppins of Puppies! 
My favorite day as your foster mom was a day I will NEVER forget.  You got to attend an event at Seaworld!  At this point little girl, you were a star.  You may not have known it just then, but you were a girl on the receiving end of so much love.  You got a special dress for the event.  Your skin was still not perfect - but you were - and you deserved for people to see you for who you were.  You walked into that event like you belonged there.  You greeted everyone with a kiss.  You wiggled your bottom and wagged your tail and then... dolphins!!!!  Oh little Lacy I have never seen such joy.  You squealed and squirmed and did everything you could to charm even the dolphins!  Charm them you did.
On the way home that evening, as we left Seaworld I laughed until I cried.  Your dress was untied, your foot was wrapped up in the tulle from the skirt, and the smile on your face was from ear to ear.  Lacy you taught me many things during our time together but that night you taught me a very important lesson.  No matter what your past looks like, no matter how bad things have been, look at the good in every moment.  Enjoy what today is.  You may not be able to fix the past or predict the future, but you can love the moment! 
I am forever grateful SAPA found the most perfect home for you.  I am so grateful that my promise to you was so easy to fulfill.  Little girl, you will never again be without love.  
Thank you for all the love you gave me.
Thank you for all the laughter you gave me.
Thank you for all the joy you brought to our home.
And most importantly thank you for teaching me so many lessons.
Little Lacy you are changing the world, and I couldn’t be more humbled and proud to have been a part of your life.

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