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Meet Tulip

It is our pleasure to introduce you to sweet Tulip!  We knew Tulip was special when we looked at her adorable little face, but upon first glance we had no idea how special Tulip was.  She has had more challenges than a newborn baby should have to endure, but our SAPA! village has stepped up yet again to help us save her life.

After an assessment by our foster manager,  we discovered that tiny Tulip suffers from a condition called Swimmers Syndrome. Swimmers Syndrome is a musculoskeletal disorder that generally appears in puppies at about 2 - 3 weeks old, or around the time that they start to walk. It is characterized by a flattened body and splayed legs.  Sadly, without intervention, it can be fatal to the puppies that are affected by it. Without treatment, their chest can become flattened under the weight of their body and they can lose the ability to eat.

SAPA! sprang into action, determined to do everything we could to help Tulip survive.  First, we called on our life-saving network of skilled medical fosters to try to get Tulip the care she needed as fast as possible and get her on the road to recovery. In a matter of hours Tulip had been bottle fed and was beginning physical therapy with a harness and leg bands to strengthen her legs and save her fragile life. The puppy has been placed with a dedicated medical foster who is devoted to ensuring her survival.

At San Antonio Pets Alive!, we too often see animals like Tulip who, without our intervention, would perish.  We can only rescue puppies and kittens with these acute medical needs with your help. It takes a village to care for these babies, and SAPA! Village we need you!

Consider becoming a guardian today, and help to ensure puppies and kittens like Tulip get the care they need, because together - We Save Lives!


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