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Leading San Antonio to No-Kill

Congratulations, San Antonio! Your support has helped San Antonio Pets Alive! save more than 35,000 animals in the last 5 years, and your interest has brought the treatment of San Antonio’s animals to the forefront of the community’s consciousness.

So, how did San Antonio go from saving 30% of the city’s animals in 2011 to 80-90% now? We did it with hard work, SAPA!’s commitment, and of course, your support.

In 2011, only about 30% of animals entering the San Antonio city shelter were finding homes. You would probably agree that this is not okay. From there, a civic-minded group of people sprung up to combat this dismal percentage. After a few years of increased involvement from caring community members such as yourself, the percentage of animals finding homes—also called the “live release rate”—is closer to 80 to 90%. SAPA! was a significant part of that change for the better.

Currently, SAPA! saves more than 6,000 animals each year and is the city’s largest rescue partner. Your help has made this possible, whether you volunteered, fostered, donated, or were a public supporter of SAPA! and our shared goals to improve how dogs and cats are treated.

Like you, SAPA! and its team of dedicated professionals are passionately committed to ending pet homelessness. In the coming posts, we’d like to tell you a little bit about our organizational leaders. It takes vision, optimism, and enthusiasm to guide others to take up the cause and join in the fight every day. In 2016-2017, our leadership team was made possible by a generous grant from Maddie’s Fund®. Thanks to Maddie, we are continuing to make a difference.



SAPA!’s leadership team includes the Executive Director, Director of Development, and Director of Operations. Clare Callison is SAPA!’s Director of Operations, and as you might imagine, she has a very big job! Clare’s job includes overseeing all of SAPA!’s animal programs. It’s essential to have a dedicated leader to keep SAPA!’s 4 locations, dozens of employees, and thousands of animals moving.

Clare sees that her role includes an imperative “to provide support and encouragement to our hardworking team members including staff, fosters, and volunteers, who are doing this vital life-saving work each day. I am so honored to have this position, to work with such a strong team, and to save so many loving animals each day.”

Clare is up for the challenges of the position, because the work is important to her personally. Clare’s vision for the future also helps drive her to work her hardest day after day.

Clare reflects: “The future for SAPA! is bright, thanks to our wonderful community and the team at SAPA! Which is a good thing, because the dogs, cats, and people in the city need us.”

Clare believes that in the coming months and years, you and SAPA! will help San Antonio be the kind of city that cares for its animal citizens with the help of its human residents. She says, “Although we have come a long way in 5 ½ years, we still have a long road ahead. We are working hard to increase and strengthen our foster and volunteer communities, and we cannot move forward without their help. Many people don’t know that dogs and cats are still euthanized for lack of space in San Antonio. But SAPA! continues to work to save those on this list each day.”

“We need community members to continue help us spread the word about what we do and to step up to volunteer and foster. If everyone commits to helping in whatever way they are able, we will grow stronger.”


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