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Give Now and Help us Keep Hope Alive! 

It’s the end of the year, but just the beginning for many!

Lacy is but one dog, but her bright future is the product of hours of volunteer time, tremendous effort by a foster to heal her body and spirit, and hundreds of dollars given by generous donors to ensure her safety. In the coming year there will be more animals like Lacy that need our help.

Below Read San Antonio Pets Alive!'s Executive Director, Maureen O'Nell's tender letter to Lacy and keep the hope alive by giving today!


Every dollar is matched to $50,ooo and tax deductible until midnight on December 31st!

My dearest Lacy,

We met not so long ago, less than a week after the hurricane had caused so much devastation and long before the effects would begin to recede. The anxiety was high driving to the shelter where you and many others were housed, having been picked up off the streets or relinquished before the rains came. Your kennel was needed so the lost family pets had a safe haven while their loved ones came looking for them. You were again vulnerable with no one to call you their own. No one was looking for you. 

When we arrived, we walked through the kennels to create our game plan for how best we would bring you all on the bus to drive back to San Antonio. It was moments later when I stepped outside when you inexplicably found your way out of the kennel and on to my lap. You were covered in a sticky film dogs suffering malnutrition often do. Your skin was a mess with so many wounds. You gave lots of kisses. You would be safe.

The next day I asked a volunteer to give you a bath and send me pictures. I was at the office planning the next rescue. You were at our clinic. I wanted to kiss you that day, but I had to let the tenderness come from others so I could tend to more. When I saw your picture in the tub, my heart ached. You looked like a worried walrus. I shared your picture. I wanted people to see your precious face and to know that you and all of your friends’ matter.

Your picture lead to your medical foster who loved you as much as I, instantly. Your picture lead to inquiries for adoption. I made the commitment that I would help find your home. You became my beacon for all those with no one.

We continued to receive calls to help other shelters, condemned and overflowing. Those of you who came in before the flooding had no one to protect you. We had to be the safety net. You were all at risk. During this, I received an inquiry about you and if you might be a therapy dog for people in a treatment facility, people working hard to recover from drug and alcohol addiction. We weren’t sure. But when you went on tv to talk about the hurricane with your foster, we started to see just how outgoing you are! You pranced, little Miss. You pranced and you shined. 

I remember when we went to meet your potential forever home at the rehab facility. The moment we walked in, any question of your desire to be there, your ability to know exactly who needed you to run up and plop on their lap dissolved. You were home. You would now have people who would look for you during a storm. 

You are a magical soul, Little Lacy.

Thank you for choosing my lap to plop on.

Thank you for now being the beacon to people who so desperately need you.

Thank you for reminding us to keep hope alive.

Love Always, 

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