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This page is dedicated to one teeny, tiny little puppy named Joshua and all the vulnerable puppies, kitties, cats and dogs who deserve protection and love.  Joshua was born with a cleft lip and palate to a mama dog named Delilah whose fate landed her in the euthanasia kennels at the city shelter. From the moment he was born, Joshua was unable to latch on to his mother and receive the sustenance his body required to survive. The staff of San Antonio Pets Alive! who had saved Delilah knew Joshua’s survival depended on us. We quickly intervened and began feeding Joshua through a tube. He started to grow! He had a bubble bath! He chewed on a binky! And we, well, we all fell in love with this fragile puppy.

On May 6th, Joshua passed away after he aspirated. It was a risk at every feeding. And we, we mourned. Across the country those who had fallen in love with Joshua were brought to tears. This teeny, tiny, little puppy named Joshua brought us joy. He lifted our spirits. He reminded us that family comes in many forms. He reminded us how powerful love is.

The JOSHUA MEMORIAL FUND will allow San Antonio Pets Alive! to care for the most vulnerable.

For questions about how your donation will be applied to help, please contact 


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