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Introducing Our Newest Innovative Program – Stay-cation Fostering!

We all like to treat ourselves now and then — a spa day, an ice cream cone, or a relaxing nap can be just the thing to boost our moods and re energize our daily lives. We are now helping the pets housed at our facilities reap the benefits of these types of little treats.

With our new “Stay-cation Foster” program we pair dogs in SAPA! facilities with good Samaritans who want to help make a dog’s life brighter while enjoying the companionship of a furry pal for a few hours.

We place a premium on providing for the daily needs of animals. While caring for physical needs is paramount, it’s also important to provide mental stimulation through a process known in the animal welfare community as enrichment. For animals in shelters, enriching their lives can lead to immediate stress reduction, long-term benefits, and happy adoptions. Our efforts were inspired by a study launched by one of SAPA!’s supporting foundations, Maddie’s FundⓇ. The study revealed that dogs benefit from spending time with a loving person, and the psychological benefits extend even after their return.

The Stay-cation Foster opportunities will appeal to families that may be able to enrich dogs for a short while during holiday breaks from school and work. SAPA! Stay-cation Fosters give dogs a mini vacation from the kennels. These opportunities appeal to everyone’s schedule and can range from a 1-2 night sleepover, hitting the hiking trails for the afternoon, or just enjoying a morning Puppaccino. Director of Operations Clare Callison says “We are excited to launch this new program that will not only reduce the stress for our dogs in our kennels, but also increase exposure for our dogs on their way to adoptions. For those that may not be ready to adopt or have a full house already, this is an excellent way to positively impact a pup’s life!”

SAPA! will supply all Stay-cation fosters with the basic supplies they may need including kennels, treats, food, and even some cute “Adopt me” accessories that might help a dog find his forever family while on an outing. This program will focus solely on dogs housed at the Petco Adoption Center located inside the Ingram Petco at 6001 N.W. Loop 410, and PetSmart Everyday Adoption Center inside the Windsor Park PetSmart, located at 8520 Fourwinds Dr..

Dogs of all sizes and personalities are eager to enjoy their first Stay-cation! Get involved by filling out our foster form online here and selecting the Stay-cation Foster Option. Email for more information.

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