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Honoring Paul Jolly

It is paul jollyimportant in our lives, to seek and gain motivation and inspiration from the work of others.  Paul Jolly is one of those people. Mr. Jolly didn’t live in San Antonio, but as the director of the Petco Foundation for many years, his work had, and continues to have, a lasting impact on our efforts to save pets from needless death.

We lost Paul Jolly on March 8, 2014. He died surrounded by family and friends, but his compassion and life-saving efforts will continue here in San Antonio and beyond. Just one branch of Mr. Jolly’s legacy, as many of you know, is the Paul Jolly Center for Pet Adoptions which was named in honor of Mr. Jolly.  The center opened this past October and has already saved hundreds of lives.

Paul dedicated his life to saving pets and leading the Petco Foundation. He was well regarded nationally as a man who devoted his career to saving our most vulnerable pets. San Antonio Pets Alive! takes seriously the legacy of Mr. Jolly, and every life we save carries the impact of the compassion and commitment he showed in life.paul jolly plaque

Mr. Jolly watched the groundbreaking of the Paul Jolly Center for Pet Adoptions remotely and wrote a beautiful piece that was read at the groundbreaking. We share a part of it below in honor of Mr. Jolly and as continued inspiration for those of you who share his passion for saving pets;

I envisioned potential pet parents walking into the center hoping to make that connection with a homeless pet.  I imagined homeless animals – scared, hurting, and unsure – having a state of the art sanctuary while they await their second chance at a better life. I saw them both coming together with hope and promise.  This is what will make San Antonio special.  This is what will make the city magical.  And I remembered the animal welfare heroes in my life who served as inspirations to me. I am forever grateful to them for imparting to me their passion and their commitment to making a difference for animals.  This building may have my name on it, but it is really named for all of them that guided my journey in humane work.
I thought about the enormous progress that the city of San Antonio has made to become a “No-Kill” community.  It is my hope that this adoption center will be a beacon and symbol for the local animal leaders and others that are championing this cause.  I hope they will be reminded of the ultimate goal when they repeat my name and know that if I could I would be fighting the good fight with them also.  Each animal adopted will be a visible reminder of the importance of aspiring to greater things, the importance of saving lives, the difference that can be made.
That is why I agreed to the naming of this adoption center, and that’s why I want you to join me in celebrating the dawning of a new day for all of us, animals and people, in San Antonio. Thank you for this honor.  May this edifice always stand as a symbol that this community and nation are places where we all can make a difference for animals.


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