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Help Feed Kittens Today!

Orphan Kittens Need You To Help Fill Their Hungry Tummies – And Save Their Lives

Orphan kittens need you now! Please help us put milk in their bellies with a gift of funds or supplies. Just $9.89 provides enough milk to see kittens through their crucial first 2 weeks of life. Kitten formula is already in short supply at local stores, and we are running out of our supplies very quickly. We urgently need formula to feed these babies – nearly 200 currently in care! Give Just $9.89 Now!  or send some formula directly to 9107 Marbach Road Suite #109, San Antonio, TX 78245 via AMAZON. If you are able, please send the formula priority shipping to help us fill this urgent need. We know you won’t let them down!


At the beginning of each year, SAPA! and our dedicated volunteer Foster Team prepares for another “kitten season.” As warmer weather dawns and the earth springs up with bluebonnets and green leaves, kittens are also entering the world. Female cats (called queens) who have unfortunately not been spayed have full litters of babies who, while adorable, contribute to San Antonio’s devastating pet overpopulation problems.


Many of these kittens are homeless before they’re even born, many are feral, and many just seem to show up on people’s doorsteps. SAPA! is the only partner to intake kittens directly from the city shelter, and as this deluge of kittens enters SAPA!’s care, we must ask you to help with resources.


To keep hungry orphan tummies full and happy, SA Pets Alive! must have pounds and pounds of formula for bottle-fed babies. This year, we have seen a spike in SAPA! kittens as we currently have almost 200 kittens in our Foster homes right this minute! We must give each of these deserving babies love, attention, and the best of our care, but we are running out of food fast. Only specialized kitten formula that you provide can save these lives.


As we head into the end of April, we are seeing more kittens in need of care than Foster homes. You can also help by taking in a kitten or two who need extra love and care. Check out our FOSTER PAGE and see if becoming a Neonatal Kitten Foster is the right fit for you! We need those dedicated Fosters more than ever!


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